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Shiwai TianyuanNearby City

Shiwai Tianyuan

3.9/526 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The scenery here is better than the Mingshi Pastoral in Detian. It is not so artificial. Although it is only 20 minutes by bamboo raft, it is worth the fare. It's a pity that you can't hit the flowering period, and you can't see the sea of flowers, otherwise the price/performance ratio has at least 4 points. The ticket price of 60 yuan is of course too expensive. It seems worthless compared to the 90 yuan in Gupo Mountain, but the online purchase is only 30 yuan. The ferry ticket is not included, and only bicycles are provided. Only 20 yuan for the ferry ticket can be saved here. 10 yuan. After riding the boat, you will often ride a bicycle around and you will see different scenery. Compared to the 10 yuan boat ride in Huangyao Ancient Town, this is too cheap! However, the problem here is traffic. If there is no self-driving, a tricycle will charge at least 30 yuan. If there are many people, a tricycle with 10 people is 10 yuan per person. If you do not request a car for the return journey, you can ask for the time and stop the bus from Hezhou to Huangyao on the highway. The following is an illustration of the scenery: 1. The scenery outside the scenic area is already very beautiful. It is no wonder that tourists who carpool from Huangyao to Gupo Mountain will take pictures here first. The luminosity here in the morning is very good! 2. 5. The scenery along the road to the pier, but the introduced waterwheel area has only one small waterwheel that is not as tall as the crowd. Where did the large waterwheel in the promotional picture go? 3. The wilderness scenery on the cycling track, if you add a field of rapeseed flowers, it will be very obedient! 4. The scenery on the boat is really better than Mingshi Pastoral!"