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Huanghua River RaftingNearby City

Huanghua River Rafting

3.4/55 Reviews
Open from 8:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"The clear green stream of yellow flowers, through the picturesque Caster landscape (peak forest), the banks of the year-round lush bamboo forest, grass and pleasant fields. Every morning, the streams are reflected in the simple village girls washing their graceful figure, groups of ducks and geese singing swimming, a bamboo pole, a quiet pastoral flavor. Tourists ride bamboo rafts down the Yellow River, immersed in such a combination of the beauty of the sky and the people, the hustle and bustle of urban life has been thrown out of the clouds. The bamboo raft is located in a river under Pengjiayu, close to the scenic spot of Pengjiayu. The river is clear and the bottom is clear. The fish and stones in the water can be counted. The bamboo raft is on both sides of the river. The water flows gently and rapidly. On the way, the beach is flat, the reef is reefed, and the bearer sees and hands are fast. The rider has no adventure, let you feel incomparable excitement, endless fun, along the river can float to the Dongtianxianjing bamboo raft. Located in Pengjiayu scenic spot, bamboo raft drifting is one of the most romantic scenic spots in Yingxifenglin scenic spot. When bamboo poles pass through the clear green yellow stream, the picturesque peaks and forests on both sides, as well as lush grass, fields, people can not be seen, as people in the painting swim. Bamboo raft is a more fashionable tourism project, take bamboo raft drifting Huanghua Creek, can really close to the mountains and water, enjoy the Yingxi Fenglin scenic area modelling different mountains and feel clear, cool stream water. Bamboo raft in the stirring waves, and the combination of landscape. Mountains are on the water, water is on the mountain, people with bamboo rafts in the mountains, to achieve a kind of heaven and man in one wonderful state. In addition, on the bamboo raft drifting, the water sometimes flat beach, sometimes reef, very exciting, you can definitely get endless fun."