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Can't Miss Attractions in City of Los Angeles


OUE Skyspace LA

219 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
994m from downtown
Observation Deck
"——"Skyslide", built on the facade of the building, is fixed and supported by a metal frame. It is located on the 69th to 70th floors of this skyscraper, about 300 meters from the ground. It’s exciting to think about it 😱 So my friend and I went to experience it decisively. I had to laugh at myself. I always thought that the sky slide was sliding from the 70th floor to the 1st floor...It turned out to be just sliding from the 70th floor to the 69th floor 😂 , It’s so expensive to slide to the first floor... But to be honest, it’s only about five or six seconds from sitting up to sliding down on this one floor, you don’t even have time to look out the window. The scenery is terrifying. Anyway, it's just a gimmick, no matter if you don't sit down, don't believe the propaganda."

Hollywood Walk of Fame

1,297 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
9.4km from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"A trip to Los Angeles is a must to take a star road, especially the first time to the United States, there is an atmosphere, there is a feeling, suitable for taking pictures. Hollywood is both the United States and the world, let us walk happily! Los Angeles is in Southern California, Northern California is going to San Francisco."

Getty Center

560 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
21.4km from downtown
"The Gatty Centre, which is a collection of art by Mr. Gatty himself, is a donation by oil magnate Mr. Gatty. It is composed of several pavilions and visitors need to visit it for at least half a day to a day."

Griffith Observatory

557 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
9km from downtown
Observation Deck
Lavender and Sun
"Located on the top of Griffith Park, northwest of downtown Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory is a landmark building in Los Angeles, one of the most famous attractions in Los Angeles, and a cultural icon."

California State Route 1

574 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
438.3km from downtown
"California's Route 1 is the most famous highway in the United States, which runs from the southernmost tip of California along the coast to Northern California, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the scenic coast of central California."

Beverly Hills

558 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
14.6km from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"Love the movie "pretty woman"? Then you must come to Beverly Hills, with the most fashionable shops and high-end restaurants. There are celebrity houses, movie collections, and Rodeo Avenue must be visited. Rodeo Drive on Rodeo Avenue is a street famous for its international boutiques such as Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Bulgari, Cartier, Chanel, CD, LV ⋯. There are also well-known, Sprinkles cupcakes , changing different tastes every day, but there must be "red velvet cupcakes" every day, which is also their signature cake."


645 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
9km from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"Hollywood, translated from Hong Kong, is a scenic suburb of Los Angeles, California, on the west coast of the United States. The term Hollywood is used directly to refer to the film industry in the United States. Because many famous film companies are based in the United States, Hollywood is a world-famous film center, and the annual Academy Awards ceremony is held here World movie festival."

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

114 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
13.9km from downtown
Theme Park
"The "Harry Potter Magic World" theme park is based on the story of the series and the movie "Harry Potter" for the original building of a magic theme park. The "Harry Potter Magic World" theme park, located in Universal Studios, Florida, USA, is a three-year building of 20 acres of universal studios and J.K. Rowling, consisting of Hogwarts Castle, Hogmood Village and Forbidden Forest. The Harry Potter Magic World theme park, which is scheduled to open on June 18, 2010, is expected to bring in at least $200 million in business opportunities."

Staples Center

160 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
2.4km from downtown
Basketball Court
chun yin tin
"Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Celebrates 75th Birthday With Former Showtime Teammates During Win Over Thunder"
TOP 10

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

118 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
5.7km from downtown
"The venue is large, you can also see three museums on the day you go, it is very cost-effective. The number of dinosaurs in the museum is the most, the introduction is also the most detailed, and there is the jewelry exhibition area in the museum, all kinds of large red yellow and blue absolutely amazing eyes!"
TOP 11

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

200 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
10.7km from downtown
"We were disappointed to learn that several galleries were closed due to the preparation for the construction of a new building. However, the Charles White: Review Exhibition was excellent. A free jazz concert "Sweet Baby J'ai" was in progress during our visit and the music was excellent. Make sure to check if your favorite gallery is open before visiting."
TOP 12

Little Tokyo

216 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
495m from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"It's Japanese architecture, there are many Japanese clothing stores. For me, I just want to look at the scenery. If you park, stop at S Central Ave roadside meter is the cheapest $5/h."
TOP 13

Venice Beach

147 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
22.1km from downtown
"Walking here from Santa Barbara was a waste of time. The place was full of homeless people and not what you see on TV. The gym on the beach was closed and didn't see much fitness talismans! The shop was dirty and boarded up and felt not safe. Don't go there."
TOP 14

The Aquarium of the Pacific

53 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
32.5km from downtown
"Well worth going to an aquarium, not a big area, but the inside items are all very essence. The highlight was the touch in many places, close contact with the aquatic creatures in the sea. Starfish, sea cucumber, this kind of I will not say, big can touch the devil fish, this is a special surprise to the children. There is also a bird in the house not afraid of people, can be fed particularly kind. The whole museum is not a lot of people, very comfortable in admiring~ Parking is taking a ticket on the door of the machine, only 8 yuan."
TOP 15

Sunset Boulevard

181 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
15.9km from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"Sunset Boulevard (Sunset Strip), California street name. It is located on Hollywood Boulevard, about 27 kilometers long, with a stretch of palm trees and forested movie billboards."
TOP 16

Hollywood Sign

228 Reviews
City of Los Angeles
11.6km from downtown
"The symbol has been seen around the world, but I have seen it in movies and TV many times. I saw it first with my own eyes, and it felt like it was unreal. The original plan was to visit the Griffith Observatory, but did not do the homework, the people opened Monday to Friday at 12 noon. We went early in the morning and empty. Much helpless around the outside, to enjoy the daytime panoramic view of Los Angeles. A taxi, I saw the Hollywood sign on the hill not far away, is also a bonus. It is still a bit far, so it feels like watching a giant postcard is not true. I don't really feel much about Hollywood, I don't know a few Hollywood stars, just pure tourist psychology."