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Can't Miss Attractions in Cixi


Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Heritage

6,042 Reviews
19km from downtown
Theme Park
"The 3d4d5d movie is particularly interesting, giving people a feeling of being there, it is really worthwhile to visit, whether it is 300 yuan or student ticket price is especially worth playing, one day I feel the ASEAN culture perfectly, especially the friends who are interested in history and culture, must come and feel it once."

Da Peng Shan Traveling Vacation Area

1,387 Reviews
25.4km from downtown
"Jmm to travel nearby, must go for me! ! Red, white and green is really yyds! What a god place is this, the rate of shooting various buildings is high, send friends circle is a variety of where to play? Going abroad? Red super white and so on, I said that is a parent-child paradise, friends will play directly. The sun was too big that day, no SLR mobile phone is a variety of exposures, but it does not affect the good look, if there are small partners who can take photos, the film will not let you down!"

Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park

1,704 Reviews
19.1km from downtown
"Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park is located in the east of Guizhou, one of the eight salt-alkali wetlands in China. The main types of wetlands are beach-side, offshore sandbank and pond-inside reclaimed wetlands."

Haitian Yizhou

912 Reviews
35km from downtown
Observation Deck
"Just to see the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, from Shanghai to Hangzhou, the special detour will be opened twice Hangzhou Bay Bridge, a single journey of 36 kilometers, for the people of the bridge building capacity praise! Experience this bridge with your heart!"

Minghe Ancient Town

320 Reviews
11.4km from downtown
Ancient Settlement
"Ningbo Travel | Don't miss Cixi, the more quiet Minghe ancient town built by Baiyang Lake, is a very quiet millennium ancient town. It is a small surprise that you got on this trip. Minghe Ancient Town, typical Jiangnan water town style, white horse head wall, blue gray tiles, constitute a staggered ancient house. The ancient town is divided into three long streets, the middle street, the lower three, the most prosperous street, is the essence of the ancient town, bearing the brilliant past of the ancient town. The mottled walls, the rustic stone path, from the city of the traffic into here, there is a kind of time-travel illusion. Here, there is not too much noise, only a strong life breath, time also become slow down. ·𝓪𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓽Recommend some punch points ◾️Baiyang Lake: Three sides around the mountain, seven towers in the lake, the reflection of the water seems to be a painting. ◾️Jinxian Temple: Facing Baiyang Lake, back to hidden mountains, built in the Southern Dynasty Liangdai (but now yq is not open to the public) ◾️Silver Inn: It is the silver number of the Qing Dynasty mansion, with three houses in five, becoming a more representative building here. ◾️Matou Wall: The most representative of the ancient town, the horse head wall, looks very spectacular, blue sky white wall black tile, the picture is particularly beautiful. ◾️Gujie: Walking in the ancient street, everywhere, not many people, just looking for a angle you like to come out."

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

562 Reviews
17.2km from downtown
"Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge is more than 30 kilometers long, about 20 minutes by car. Connected Shanghai and Ningbo. It is a very spectacular bridge, the bridge has a good view, and the sea view can be seen. There is also a viewing platform."

Hangzhou Bay Submarine Hot Spring

265 Reviews
18.1km from downtown
Hot Springs Resort
"Hangzhou Bay Submarine Hot Spring, this is a very imaginative world of space. Not only does the name itself have an unnamed impulse, it makes people think about it. Soaking in the hot spring here also really gives you a feeling of relaxation."

ShangLin Fang BuXingJie

40 Reviews
2.3km from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"Shanglinfang is a shopping and food street in Cixi City. There are shops and roadside stalls. In this season, the most popular barbeque stall is definitely the one. In the relatively remote alleys of Shanglinfang, there will be a few bars, which are quite elegant and the environment is also good. At night, there is a lot of people in Shanglinfang. Maybe the foodies who come to Cixi gather here at night. Every year when I come to Shanglinfang, there are more and more delicious food every year. It can be said that it is a paradise for food."

Fangjia Hetou Village

79 Reviews
24km from downtown
"The ancient town of Fangjiahetou Village may have just been developed, so there are not too many tourists, and the business atmosphere is not particularly strong. Walking around here, time seems to have become frozen, and you can experience slow life"
TOP 10

Dapengshan Lake Park

203 Reviews
25.5km from downtown
Theme Park
"Compared with two years ago, the equipment is much older, there are not many people on National Day holiday, this is good, the price is still very high when the children play, this is not a place for adults to play, the children have fun! Indoor amusement park play for half a day, the project outside play for another half day, one day time is appropriate!"
TOP 11

Yu's Old House

43 Reviews
29km from downtown
Historical Architecture
"The old house of the Yu family, with its faded figure, tells us old stories, blue bricks and brown tiles, carved beams and painted buildings. The prosperity and prosperity of the past are only left in the memory of history. It is worthwhile for us to slowly explore ."
TOP 12

Kaolao Mountain

21 Reviews
9.5km from downtown
"Mingshi Ancient Town + Lushan Hiking, Always in the First Echelon [smugly] Nice place to hike. When God gave you a child Just to tell you that life can't do what you want. Once you have a child You'll find life is a life of necessity."
TOP 13

Zhi Mountain Park

141 Reviews
3.5km from downtown
City Park
"The whole park is bounded by the ridge connecting the two peaks, and is divided into two parts: the south part is mainly for recreation, and the garden architecture follows traditional methods, simple and elegant; the north part is mainly for amusement, and the architecture focuses on the atmosphere of the times, and the city is not far away. The district and street scenes are coordinated and connected. For this reason, the garden combines dynamic and static, with rigidity and softness. In addition, the landscape setting makes full use of the natural conditions of the ups and downs of the terrain. It is scattered and dense, with links and attracts, exposed and hidden, and the vegetation configuration can be in accordance with the original The pine, bamboo, maple, and bayberry are the base notes, and appropriate adjustments are made to achieve the characteristics of spring, summer, autumn and winter, so that the entire park has become a beautiful world."
TOP 14

Cixi Wulei Mountain Scenic Area

598 Reviews
16.6km from downtown
"Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is very worth punching in, not only the scenery is beautiful, but also the Buddha praying for good places, 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Wuyi Temple, the first temple in East Zhejiang is beautiful and not many people are very good and quiet, 🤪🤪🤪 Special recommendation: can make an appointment to visit the wall for free at present."
TOP 15

Shanglinhu Yueyao Relic Site

77 Reviews
9km from downtown
Historical Site
"The Reiki place of the Millennium Site...📍 Detailed address: Cixi Yuelu Site Museum of Zhejiang 🚗 Traffic Raiders: Self-Driving 🌟 Highlight Features: Porcelain Culture with Millennium History ⛱ Environment: About 7 or 8 kilometers from Cixi City, the ancient period is the birthplace and the output of Yuelu culture. The museum is built with red brick. The building area is not big, it is divided into three floors. The visit time is 9:00-16:30. It shows the historical development of the Yuelu culture in Shanglin Lake. The three floors are books, suitable for parents and children to read and experience the process of ceramics. The museum is very close to Shanglin Lake, and the green mountains and green waters are a good scenery! 💰 Average Consumption: 0 Yuan [Service Bell] Service: Explain to make an appointment in advance 📌 Small Tips: Parking Lot 🅿️ Small, there are some private parking lot of residents nearby, charge 15 yuan once"
TOP 16

Cixi Da Pengshan Hot Spring

376 Reviews
25.6km from downtown
Hot Springs Resort
"The Dapengshan Hot Spring, whether it is the external environment, the landscape design of the hot springs, and the rich content of the beneficial ingredients and factors in the hot springs themselves, are like a powerful magnet, attracting many customers."
TOP 17

Cixishi Museum

4 Reviews
3.6km from downtown
"Cixi City Museum is located in Cixi Cultural Center, which is Cixi’s urban living room. Cixi City Museum is currently a national third-level museum, but its strength is catching up to the second-level. The museum site is relatively new, and the scale is in the forefront of county-level cities. Cixi is also a thousand-year-old county, called Yu Zhang in ancient times. It is one of the birthplaces of Yue kilns in the history of Chinese ceramics. Especially the Tang and Song Secret Color Porcelain Exhibition centered on Linhu Lake is the main product of the museum. The third floor is the Cixi History Exhibition, which integrates geology, coastal changes, civilization, archeology, urban development, and folk crafts. The second floor is the most important content of the hall-Yue Kiln. There are two exhibition halls in total. The porcelain in it is mostly Tang and Song imperial utensils and commodities exported overseas. The introduction of Shanglin Lake Yue Kiln is very informative, from production, craftsmanship, The analysis of appliances, aesthetics and other aspects is an exquisite course of research. On the first floor is a celebrity art gallery, mainly about his life exhibition. In addition, there is a temporary exhibition hall. When I went there was a special exhibition of secret color porcelain, which gathered secret color porcelain from the north and south of the country, such as the secret color porcelain unearthed from the underground palace of Famen Temple, the secret color porcelain unearthed from the tombs of the imperial concubines and princes of the Liao Dynasty in Inner Mongolia, and Wuyue of the Five Dynasties. Secret-color porcelain unearthed from the royal tomb"
TOP 18

Fulong Mountain Paragliding Training Base

9 Reviews
29.9km from downtown
"The scenery is good, it should be very exciting to play, but it’s too expensive. It costs 680 yuan for ten minutes. I don’t know if it’s the price or because of fear. It seems like the people in the club are flying. I didn’t see any tourists to experience it. I really want to experience it, but I just think the price is too expensive."
TOP 19

Da Peng Mountain Xianfo Valley Scenic Area

120 Reviews
26.9km from downtown
Cultural Experiencial Area
"The empty valley is quiet, the air is fresh, the Qin King East seeks the place of Xiaoyu, Xu Fu Dongdu Penglai departure point. In the leisure time, it is a good holiday to stroll with friends. There are not many tourists, and only a few couples are met along the way. A good place to relax during the epidemic."
TOP 20

Baiyang Lake

25 Reviews
11.4km from downtown
"This Baiyang Lake is in Ningbo. When I went there, the lake was being renovated. The bottom of the lake was dredged. Fir piles were being built on the shore. The lake scenery is so beautiful. There is also a small bridge nearby. It is very recommended."