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Things To Do in Coron

130 Reviews
MaRo FernandezCoron is my favourite destination. The beaches and lagoons are one of the best. Definitely a beautiful place to explore.
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D33***28It's heaven on earth... Inside the lake is like a journey to another dimension. To my fellow Filipinos, go no farther, visit Kayangan lake while in Coron.
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JayveeIf you want to go the the best viewpoint in Coron, Mt. Tapyas is a place to be. It’s highly recommended to visit in the afternoon to witness an incredible sunset in the island. Unlike most tourist spots, Mt. Tapyas has no entrance fee. It’s reachable by a 10 minute tricycle ride from Coron town. From the entrance, it will take you 721 steps to reach the peak which is roughly 30 minutes depending on your speed. Along the way, there are locals selling bottled water and refreshments to get you hydrated during the hike. Once you reach the summit, there’s a “CORON” signage that resembles the Hollywood sign in California. Mt. Tapyas is really a must-see once you visit Coron.
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Outdoor diving
kikiwiwi see the worldThere are many coral gardens in Palawan, whether El Nido or Coron Island. Because in the Palawan Islands, it seems that all the beautiful coral colonies that are found in patches by the locals will be called coral gardens. Coral Garden is one of them. Because it is far away from Coron Island, the sea has good visibility, and you can see the colorful living corals and fish in the corals to the greatest extent.
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_FB***88Worth every tiring step all the way to see the beautiful Coron. ❤️
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Outdoor diving
tiramisu1130The marine ecology here is pretty good. The water quality and visibility are quite good. Incarnate as a fish. Many small fish accompany me. Just like this, they fall to the bottom of the sea and see the depth of tens of meters underwater, as if they can drag you into the infinite deep blue of the deep sea. At this moment, only the sea and I are swimming in the underwater world. It feels so amazing. This is really a sacred place for diving!

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