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Traveling in Peru||Rainbow Mountain at an altitude of 5,000 One-way drive from Cusco to Rainbow Mountain is 3 hours, you can drive by yourself, but in the end, considering the high-reverse problem, you will follow the tour of the 1-day tour. Rainbow Mountain at an altitude of 5000+, it is hard to breathe and can't breathe. Every step of walking is very difficult. I really feel that I can't walk, I ride a lazy ride, and the last part must go on my own. When I walked to the viewing platform, I was really fulfilled. Although I couldnt go to the other side to take a photo of the ID, it was the highest altitude I had ever walked. When you go down the mountain, it will be better than going up the mountain. The price of riding up the mountain is 80 sol, the downhill is 60 sol, and the price of a day trip is about 400 RMB, including breakfast and lunch. Tips: 1. High altitude! High anti-drugs should be prepared 2. The weather in the high altitude area is unstable. When there is no sun, it is very cold. I wore a windbreaker and shivered in the wind of 3° 3. I got the door around five o'clock. You must sleep enough in the evening 4. The route of Honggu is better, but if you are not good, dont be forced to walk on foot.
Posted: 30 Sep 2019
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Temple of the Sun (Coricancha)
"Too Temple": Inca civilization that never falls, two styles of art intertwined" Inca era, Cusco is the capital of the Inca Empire, considered to be the center of the world, this sun temple is supreme. In the agricultural era, people pray that the sun god can never disappear. At the Machu Picchu site there are also stone inscriptions that are intended to hold the sun. The sun temple in the Quechua language is the original "golden courtyard", the current temple is a two-story Spanish courtyard with a veranda, flowers bloom, the majestic bell tower leaves visitors with endless delusions. The most amazing thing about the Temple of the Sun is the ingenious combination of Western architecture and Inca ruins. We entered from the gate of the "Domingo Monastery", and there are two lines of black on the white wall on the left side of the gate, "Domingo Monastery". There is a room in the temple with a large stone, an anvil used to kill when the sacrifice is made. The windows of the temple are unique in shape, narrow and wide. Looking down from a specific location, you can always look to the end. The stone in the wall is snapped between the stones, no adhesive is used, and no gap is visible. Its awesome! Its amazing. The Temple of the Sun can see some replicas of the year, a large number of religious paintings, sculptures, artifacts, etc. The garden outside the temple building is full of mystery, and it is a fascination and admiration for the Inca culture. Looking from the wall of the shrine to the distance, the blue sky and white clouds, the rolling hills and the houses scattered in the mountains. History records, the Temple of the Sun built in the Inca era, the megalithic building, the outer gold foil wrapped, in addition to the worship of the sun god, as well as the moon, stars, rainbow and thunder and lightning, known as the Golden Temple or the Golden Garden. The Spanish colonists invaded and the gold foil was plundered. The temple of the sun was transformed into a monastery. After the Spanish colonists invaded Cusco, the gold foil was torn off, leaving only the broken temple. Then, in the old site of the temple, Santo Domingo was built. Two buildings of different styles were close together, each with its own splendour, but it was embarrassing. History will be the past, we can't change anything, we can only touch the splendid civilization hundreds of years ago in the Temple of the Sun. Address: Santo Domingo s/n
"The inheritance of the Inca civilization, the incredible military fortress" Some people say that Cuzco City is seen from the air, it is like a cougar, Sasavaman is his head, and the ancient city of Cusco is his middle The nobles home is his tail. In the first chapter of today, let's take a look at the head of the "cougar" - Sasavaman (also known as "Sax Sewaman"). Sasawaman is a Stonehenge. It is built on the mountain. It is a golden soup that guards the safety of the ancient city of Cusco. After several major earthquakes, many buildings collapsed, but it still stands proudly. Proud of the Quartet. Into the scenic area, I saw a row of megaliths displayed there, these boulder seem to silently tell the glory of the Inca civilization. Entering the Stone Array, the first thing you see is an open area surrounded by small hills and terraces. Standing on a high hill overlooking the distance, you can see the densely populated houses on the hillsides. It is the ancient city of Cusco. Some Indian women in the ancient city took pictures with alpaca and tourists. Going along the walls of the stone array, fingers touched every stone in the stone wall. Stone walls vary in size and shape. Like other Inca stone buildings, how to build it is still a mystery. It is difficult to insert a piece of paper in the middle of many stones. It's hard to imagine how to make this piece of stone spliced so many years ago without any adhesive. What's even more amazing is that a whole stone slab is built with stone. There are more than 300,000 pieces of stone, big and small, and there are many boulders weighing hundreds of tons. How to transport them and put them together? A piece of pieced together into a stone array. After walking through the stone wall and going up through a stone door, it is a neat step. When you walk up, you can see the original foundation and shape. The center of the ancient building is a circular platform that extends towards the surrounding layers. It is said to have been a round tower-shaped building with a specially constructed platform inside, and the platform is connected to a labyrinthine passage. One or more of them lead to the tunnel. We have not been able to interpret how huge stones are transported, nor can we detect what process is used to polish stones. If the Spanish colonists did not destroy the Inca civilization, then we might be able to explore the secrets of this civilization from other aspects, and solve many of the mysteries of the present, but history is history, and its value lies in its inability to replicate. ! Address: Sacsayhuaman. Transportation: 1 From the Arms Square in Cusco, it takes less than half an hour to get to the foot of the mountain. 2 2 km from the ancient Peruvian city of Cusco, can be chartered to go. Tickets: 90 Sol, but you can buy scenic spots in the mountains, just 180 Sol. Opening time: Monday to Sunday 7
El Valle Sagrado
This magical Andean highland town is located in the small town of Sipaquila in the Andes Mountains, more than 50 kilometers north of downtown Bogot. For centuries, the people of the town have been with the white mountains for generations, and they have formed an infinite friendship. These white salt mountains stretch for 500 kilometers and their rich salt reserves are available for 5.3 billion people on our planet for 100 years. Salt mines have made the town increasingly prosperous and prosperous. With the crystallization of white mountains the consumption of edible salt and chemical products, the town of Sipaquila is also well known. At the beginning of the 16th century, the Spaniards, who were conquerors of the American continent, crossed the jungle and turned over the mountains to the white mountains of the plateau. This fertile salt mine resource has made the colonists from Europe covet. They plundered the salt mine resources and rushed the Indians down. Under the whipping of the whip, the Indian salt workers used the most primitive tools to dig and dig in the tunnel well under the dim candlelight. This is an extremely difficult hard labor. The air in the well is turbid, the landslides and poisonous gas occur from time to time, and the salt water is eroded, causing the bruises of the Indian salt workers to be scarred. The shadow of death is threatening them from time to time. The spiritual sustenance to get rid of suffering is to plead for the protection of the gods. Therefore, the salt workers have set up a prayer altar in the tunnel with tears. Here, they can tell the hardships of life, comfort the suffering soul, and comfort the unfortunate body.
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