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Natura Vive

Natura Vive

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"The only transparent cliff hotel in the world that needs to climb 120 meters to stay at Natura Vive. Just three rooms, highly recommend the outdoor kids' shoes that plan to travel to Peru 2-6 months in advance, definitely more worth going than Machu Picchu! The large ball is a restaurant and kitchen. The guide also lives in it at night. The stove table is suspended on the rock wall. You think the conditions are very hard, so the food is very bad. Although the ingredients are simple, the front dishes, salads, soups, appetizers, desserts, red wine, there are many things. And the dishes are very beautiful, and the utensils are very elaborate (see Figure 9, breakfast). The toilets were a little different when you entered the room, but the toilets were a great experience to increase access to the toilets, and they actually had to separate the urine and the stool, but they used a special treatment that made the toilets tasteless. Early in the morning, open your eyes to see yourself sleeping in the cliff capsules that climbed over 40 stories, and down to see the little to see traffic, it was wonderful, it was like a dream. A lifetime of unforgettable new year's eve in peru climbing the cliff hammocks. I've never thought about heights in my life, and I'll be able to do this challenge with five Americans on New Year's Eve 2018: in the Peruvian valley, which is over 3,000 meters high, with my period aunt, 20 jins of weight, and 120 meters of cliff climbing, two and a half hours, and the last half hours, It was dark and it was headlighted. Every step of the climb was his own hands and knees out, every rise of several meters of protection rope need to hit themselves, this taste like his life really at his feet and hands, is a sense of speechless. The hardest part of the climb should be the bulging rock wall, because the whole body needs to be back, all by arms to support the body. 120 meters high? It is the equivalent of more than 40 stories high, usually I stand 30 stories high, look down the legs will shiver, overcome a psychological obstacle in the end how difficult, I don't know, at least I did it. After going up, I found that knee and below are all bruises. This is probably the most unsightly photo of the trip because on the cliffs, you can't choose any angle, you take out your phone and press the shutter, you put all your weight on the other hand, but this is my favorite photo of the group and I'm proud of myself, At least Americans don't look Chinese in the eye."