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Things To Do in Daming

Damingfu Stone Carvings Museum
33 Reviews
106***66The Mingxian Stone Museum is an open place for stone protection, tourism and sightseeing, which belongs to the county cultural and cultural center, and the county cultural center is a set of people and horses. The original name was "Daming County Monument Lang". It was originally located at the southeast corner of the county guest house in 1984, covering an area of 5493 square meters. Since 1985, 11 inscriptions have been shipped. After that, considering the difficulty of relocating the monument of Wang Li and the small site of the museum, the monument was relocated to the north site of the village of Kongzhuang, 7th Huali, east of the county, covering an area of about 9800 square meters. The stone carving museum was laid in May 1986. The most ancient monument of the country, the monument of Wuli, was relocated from Shuangtai village, Dajie Township, to August 1987 in January 1987. The original site of 11 inscriptions will be moved. The "Five Li Monument" was restored and established from November 1988 to May 1989. In 1989, it was renamed "Daming County Stone Museum".
Daming Christian Church
4 Reviews
小白_1912The lobby of the Mother of Catholic Beloved, except for Huzhuang Church, this is the second church in the village that shocked me. When a gorgeous church suddenly appeared in rows of bungalows and chaotic streets, the Gothic architectural style, As the sun sets, golden sunlight shrouds the wall on one side of the whole old church. That feeling, it seems that there is no appropriate word to describe. When I arrived, I just happened to catch up with the church being locked. I begged to only look at the door, and I agreed, and I felt heart surging with just a glance. I have seen a lot of beautiful and gorgeous churches, but the church here feels completely different.
Guangfu Ancient City
715 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
baostarPersonally feel good! Probably because of personal preference for humanities! Some things can still be seen here! The seven scenic spots booked by Ctrip were refunded. It was troublesome to get the tickets. Obviously, I followed the prompts to navigate to the tourist center parking lot, but the result was still far behind! The visitor center parking lot and the visitor center are two different things! I was too lazy to move, so I bought an annual card, one card, 88 yuan! 7 attractions cover 6 and many other attractions! It feels more worthwhile, anyway, it will take some time, you can use it slowly! Ganlu Temple, Hongji Bridge, Wu Yuxiang's Former Residence, Yang Luchan's Former Residence, Guangfu Government Office, these are still worth seeing, Zhao Bin Tai Chi Garden (now called Fu Gongzong Yuan Tai Chi Garden) Fu Gong Memorial Temple, I personally think it doesn't matter if I go!
Yinxu Museum
2,504 Reviews
Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
老肖瞧瞧Enjoy 50% off the fare ✌ online booking 33, from Anyang City Cultural Palace to the Yinxu Ruins scenic area by bus No. 1, you need to walk 1.4 kilometers to enter the scenic area. While walking along the street, watch the exhibition board introduction. Rent an explainer at the tourist ticketing center for 20 yuan (deposit 200). It's great. You don't need to press a button. Follow the explanation. Automatic induction control 👍 can listen to the lecture repeatedly! After entering, I was shocked by the ancient world where "a piece of oracle bones shocked the world, and three thousand Yin capitals radiated China" by the Huan River---Yinxu Museum, Forest of Steles, Carriage and Horse Pit, funerary site, oracle bone pit ash pit, sacrificial platform, Fuhao Tomb: Countless exquisite unearthed cultural relics and preservation of sacrificial burials are the circumstances, along the way, they have subdued the wisdom of the ancestors, brave and aesthetic industriousness, and lamented the barbarism and cruelty of the Shang Dynasty in early human society. . . Sincerely thank you for admiring the hard work of several generations of archaeological masters and staff in China for nearly a hundred years of excavation and archaeological work🙏🙏🙏
Aerkadiya Hot Springs Hotel
653 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M22***52Overall it is good, the group purchase coupons are very cost-effective, the environment is good, the scenery is good, the price is high, the water is very clean this time, the only downside is that there are a lot of people in the tour group and the bathroom management is a bit confusing.
Shizilou (Lion House) Tourism Area
191 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
YangyaranIt’s worth a visit. It’s the only way I pass every day since I was a kid. There are endless tourists from north to south. From the Song Dynasty to today, there are still the shadows of Water Margin and Jinpingmei. These cultures have more playful heritage than the Lion House. The south entrance of the prefect’s Yamen is my grandma’s old teahouse. If I were the eldest brother back then, I would leave my grandma’s old teahouse as a scenery, stay next to the lion building, and become a foothold for tourists from north to south, chatting about the story of the Water Margin. Discuss modern business, reunite the love of the classmates, and build the Water Margin culture together.

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Daming Christian Church
Daming Christian ChurchHandan,China

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Damingfu Stone Carvings Museum
Damingfu Stone Carvings MuseumHandan,China

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Daming Weather

Feb 25, 2021
-2 ~ 4
Feb 26, 2021
-7 / 5
Feb 27, 2021
-5 / 7
Feb 28, 2021
Light rain
2 / 7
Mar 1, 2021
-2 / 6
Mar 2, 2021
-2 / 6
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Daming
Feb 25, 2021 Daming Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:76%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:56/18:10
Daming Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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