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Things To Do in Daofu

77 Reviews
欲飞的鸟Bamei Town is located in the southeastern part of Dolin County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, near 80 kilometers from Dolin County. Bamei Town is located in the "Kangba heart", is the link connecting Kangdong, Kangnan, Kangbei and the gateway to Ganzi North Road, is also the two-hour tourism economic circle around Gongga Mountain and the West Ring of Sichuan Province Tourism, or Kangba cultural tourism line starting point. The domestic tourism resources are rich, the Moshi Park Scenic Area (national 4A level tourist attraction), Huiyuan Temple, Yala Snow Mountain, Longdeng Grassland and other excellent resources combination, and the surrounding Hailuogou, Xindu Bridge, Danba and other scenic spots formed complementary boutique tourism products and tour routes. If you drive into Tibet, you usually pass through Bamei Town, where you have a tiptoe.
Lingque Temple
2 Reviews
enjoyzentReijaku Ji Temple is a temple of the Gelug school of Tibet Buddhism located in xianshui chin, dojo County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, people's Republic of China. The pagodas echo the temples and are important places for religious activities in the temple.
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Jiaju Tibetan Village
414 Reviews
M26***64Today, the weather is cloudy, can arrive in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Danba County, the weather cleared, began to bright up, blue sky white clouds, green mountains, highway on both sides of the high mountain Jiaju Tibetan Village also appeared. Sichuan Danba has a Tibetan ancient village, called Jiaju Tibetan Village, in the mountains and mountains suddenly appear in the ancient castle-style buildings, built according to the mountains, layers, scattered, unique, here is the magic and beautiful Danba Tibetan Village, A place called the "most beautiful landscape village in China".
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2,578 Reviews
C_Allen[Chengdu around] Weekend back and forth on the Kangding love song journey. A slick cloud on the hills... familiar folk songs made me yearning for Kangding since I was young. The happy mountain sung in the song is the Mugecuo Scenic Spot in Kangding. Depart from Chengdu on a weekend, and Baba will leave as he pleases. 👉Basic information👈📍Address: Direct navigation [Mugecuo Scenic Area]⏱ Opening hours: 8.00—18.00 (no admission at 4.30 pm) 💰 Price: 180 soft sister coins/person, adult ticket + sightseeing car. Most of the scenic spots in Sichuan are almost the same. Most of them have to take sightseeing buses, and private cars can't get in. 🚙Transportation: It takes about 4 hours to drive from the main city of Chengdu. It is recommended to play for 4 hours. Mugecuo Scenic Area, also known as Kangding Love Song Scenic Area, consists of [Yaochi Boiling Spring] [Qisehai] [Dujuan Gorge] [Fang Lawn] [Mugecuo] and [Red Sea Grassland]. 👍👍Recommended attractions [Mugecuo] Stop the car and check the ticket, the shuttle bus will directly pull you up to the top of the mountain, which is Mugecuo. Mugecuo translated into Chinese means the sea of wild people, a huge mountain lake that will make you wow out when you get off the car. [Qisehai] A small piece of lake water with rich layers in the canyon, the lake water shows different reflection colors under the sun, plus different levels of plant colors, here is quite a piece! [Pine forest during the hike] Japanese Mori men and Mori women are the favorite! In line with the sunlight filming rate 💯🚫🚫 Not recommended [Red Sea Grassland] First you need to arrive by boat or horseback riding. I want to say that if you take a boat, you will queue for a long time in the cold wind. There is a high chance of being pitted if you ride a horse There are too many grasslands that can be seen along the way, and if the cost is too high, it is unnecessary. [Medicine Pool Boiling Spring] There are a few natural springs here, which gave birth to a hot pool, and then... now it has developed into a place where people gather to soak their feet... If you are tired and want to relax, it’s not bad, but it just feels slightly Strange..⚠️⚠️Notes for Tibetan areas! ①Don't have too much confidence in your own body. High anti-reaction is really uncomfortable. I was really worried about going to the hospital on the first day to buy inflatable oxygen. Bottled on the street is basically useless. ②There are many projects like horse riding, which are easy to be pitted! Be careful! ③The temperature difference is huge, keep warm! keep warm! keep warm! ④Sunshine is strong, pay attention to sun protection! Pay attention to sun protection! Pay attention to sun protection! ⑤ Self-driving roads in western Sichuan are complicated, so take a break. ————————About me: Born in [Chongqing], grew up in [Australia], registered in [Shanghai], settled in [Foshan], and worked in architectural design in [Chengdu]. Welcome to follow the exchange!
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Lhagang Grassland
240 Reviews
Snow Mountain
东夷西羌的行游生活The day comes early, the towers of the grassland is still a yellow, it is estimated to be around June to turn green, but summer when the snow on the top of the mountain will melt, affecting the snowy mountains magnificent, so September should be the best season for snowy mountains and grasslands color. Thanks to our infrastructure construction, the road here although along the terrain twists and turns, but the road surface is smooth, clear signs, very suitable for self-driving. Except for the occasional highland reaction, everything is perfect.
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53 Reviews
爱耍的周大爷The total distance from Dangling Village to Mosca is about 70 kilometers, the normal driving time is about 2.5 hours, the road conditions are average, but the wrong car is very technical. In order to leave Dangling Village before the road was closed, I set off at 7 am and entered Mosca Village. There is a cleaning fee of 10 yuan per person. There is a special parking lot inside. It is estimated that 50 to 100 cars can be parked (no charge) The original small village was surrounded by a low wall. The Golden Dragon Temple inside seemed to be all the villagers. Now there are inns and canteens around the village, and mobile phone signals are also available. It is said that the accommodation conditions are worse than Dangling. The sole purpose of most tourists who come here is to find and feed groundhogs. One or two of them are fed fat, lazy, and a bit picky [covering face] In fact, groundhogs are not everywhere, but inadvertently There are always one or two in the line of sight. Generally speaking, the closer you are to the village, the less afraid of people. It is easier to meet in the morning than in the afternoon. The hillside behind the village is also worth climbing. Climbing and looking into the distance is always our favorite, but for a place with an altitude of 4,000 meters, climbing is a hard job!

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Lingque Temple
Lingque TempleGanzizhou,China

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