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Dar es salaam,Recommendations
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Dar es salaam,Recommendations
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Dar es salaam,Recommendations
Dar es salaam,Recommendations
Was it a little panic when I first went to Africa? Tanzania travel tips, please accept! Because it was the first time to go to Africa, Ala Lei checked a lot of information about Tanzania before the trip to make sure that he could have a good time on this trip. Share with you here~ About climate Tanzania is mainly a savanna climate, plus the geographical location of the sea, which is affected by ocean water vapor and monsoon all the year round. Generally speaking, the climate is relatively mild. Comfortable, there is no particularly obvious four seasons, only the so-called dry season and rainy season. However, one thing to note is that the temperature difference between the prairie area, especially the Ngorongoro Crater area, is large. It is recommended to bring 1-2 warm jackets; and the necessary Zanzibar Island belongs to Tropical maritime climate, sunny and hot all year round, need to pay attention to sun protection and heat stroke. About language The national language of Tanzania is Swahili, English is also the official language, but most locals still dont speak English very much, so learn a few before you travel. A simple Swahili language will enhance your travel experience. About the currency The currency in circulation is Tanzanian shilling, and the exchange rate with the HKD generally fluctuates between 200-300 shillings = HKD. It should be noted that in most parts of Tanzania, it is not possible to swipe the card, so it is recommended to exchange some US dollars in the country first, and then change to a shilling in Tanzania. In addition to this, there is also a tip in Tanzania, usually only about 1 dollar at a time. About religion Islam is the great religion of Tanzania. In Zanzibar, almost all residents believe in Islam, so you need to pay attention to dress in the Muslim area. Exposed, but t-shirt shorts can be worn inside the hotel and on the beach. About visa Tanzania is supporting landing visas, the fee is 50 US dollars, but it should be noted that Tanzanias fewer entry and exit staff leads to lower efficiency. Therefore, it is best to give the entry for 1-2 hours to avoid delays. Is it safe to be safe Tanzania? Generally speaking, law and order is relatively safe, but the sense of security outside the country must not be lost. After dark, don't go out at will, and avoid going out alone at night. Personal belongings should also be carried with you, always check. About Xiaohuangben The so-called Xiaohuangben is the Yellow Fever Epidemic Yellow Book, which needs to be presented at the time of entry, so be sure to take a vaccine before going to Africa. Xiao Huang Ben.
Dar es salaam,Recommendations
Visiting the Tanzania-Zambia Railway and feeling the friendship between China and Africa Tanzania Zambia Railway is one of the largest infrastructure projects in China. It has been 44 years since its establishment and it is connected. In the east and south-central part of Africa, it is a large east artery from Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania, to Kapilimbohi, in the north-central part of Zambia, passing through cities such as Kasema and Ense Ruka. The total length is about 1860 kilometers. Historical historical value Tanzan Railway is the key to Chinas breaking diplomatic isolation and receiving support from third world countries. Even Premier Zhou Enlai commented that the Tanzania-Zambia Railway "is more important to have military and political significance." Tanzan Railway Status Although the infrastructure of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway is slightly outdated due to time, there are still traffic every day, and the locals still use it as a commute or a remote door. Choice, when I went, I just caught up with a train and the African friends sitting in the car were very friendly and waved to my camera. The people here are really brother-friendly to the Chinese. There are still many Chinese shadows left here - the eight characters of the "People's Republic of China" are still clearly printed on the track board. Walking on it, I feel full of national pride in my heart. ! I heard that the Chinese government is now working hard to provide technical support for the Tanzania-Zambia Railway and dispatching relevant experts to the other side of the Pacific. They have worked tirelessly to train professional and technical personnel here. This railway, known as the "African Freedom Road", is a wonderful testimony of the true friendship between China and Africa. It is highly recommended that friends from Tanzania come here to experience the solid friendship of China and Africa!
Dar es salaam,Recommendations
A day trip to the cosmopolitan city that Tanzania can't miss. Come to Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is a city you must not miss. Introduction to the city Da City is the largest city in Tanzania. In 1974, the Tanzanian government decided to move to the capital of Dodo. It was the countrys original capital and it is now a true economy in Tanzania. , cultural and transportation centers. The advantageous location of Linhai has made this one of the most important ports in East Africa. According to local people, Dar es Salaam has the meaning of Port of Peace in Swahili. Every year, millions of tons of goods are distributed at the port. Friendly exchange The relationship between the city and China is not too shallow. It is a city along the Maritime Silk Road. Zheng He also visited here when he traveled to the Western Seas. At the same time, Dacheng was the only city where the Beijing Olympic Games passed the torch in Africa. National Museum Visit the city, I recommend everyone to go to the National Museum first. The national blog here is not too big, and you can finish it carefully in an hour or two. Guo Bo's architectural design is dominated by white Islamic architecture, which is very eye-catching. There are several cars in the museum that show the presidents of the country. It is still spectacular to park in front of me. As we all know, the most ancient human skull was discovered in Africa. It can be said that the origin of human beings may have originated in the African continent, so of course the primitive human skull is also here. The characteristic woodcarving wood carving is also a major feature of Tanzania. The Maconde people of the country are very good at carving, and they proudly claim that their ancestors were "born with carving knives." Guo Bo displays a lot of wood carvings with unique national characteristics, telling the myths and legends of Africa and revealing their unique insights into life and nature. So, when traveling to Dar es Salaam, a beautiful wood carving is definitely a very suitable tourist souvenir.
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