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Fanghu ParkNearby City

Fanghu Park

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Ranked #4 in Guanghan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 5/1-9/30,6:00am-10:00pm;Open from 10/1-12/31,6:00am-9:00pm;Open from 1/1-4/30,6:00am-9:00pm (Local time)
"Fanghu Park is also called the Xiangcheng site, two attractions are connected together, Xiangcheng City Gate is the Xianghu Park Gate. Fanghu is the memorial of the Tang Dynasty Saisho fusho ruling pucheng built, here is the center of Guanghan, here is puerile puerile puerile, here is the three countries puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile puerile 1. Location: Next to the Guanghan Municipal Government, the gate of Xiangcheng is like Tian'anmen Square, the gate of Chang'an Street is all the way to the street, is also the main commercial center meeting place, is also Xiangcheng famous snacks gathering point. 2. Time: Winter and summer are different, winter seems to be 8 p.m., summer is closed at 10 p.m. The Confucian Temple inside should be closed nine to five. 3. Price: Free, unlike Guihu, East Lake, Xianghua Pool, here is the first garden-style park completely free. 4. Scenic: two words, beautiful. (1) Confucian Temple. Guanghan Confucian Temple is in this garden, the general small city museum will be put in the most famous attractions, Fanghu is the most humanistic place in Guanghan city. The Dacheng Hall of Confucian Temple is not worth talking about, but the story about Confucius' life in the East and West is worth seeing. The content is in the form of Chinese and Chinese translations, and needs some ancient texts. Worth the big book is the comet gate at the door, comet gate home Confucian temple has, but this most impressive, the red sandstone gate carved, more grand than the general, the above flowers, birds, insects, fish, rare animals, all have, carving fine, depicting round, It is better than the Chinese temple of Guo. (2) Lotus Pond. "Take the heavenly lotus leaves infinite blue, reflecting the sun lotus different red." I came to July is the most blooming lotus season, not near the lotus pool first smell lotus fragrance, never smelled the lotus pool fragrance I was very shocked, went to a lot of lotus pool, this is the first time to smell the delicate fragrance, refreshing! Lotus flower is not open much, but lotus leaf field, lush green drops, is really rare summer to solve the beautiful scenery. Poolside has "horticultural garden", this is a rare tree species such as iron tree breeding ground, but not open, no chance to see. (3) 12 cooper and " pull protection." The ancient trees in the north of the pond are so luxuriant, 12 cypresses for hundreds of years, which can shade the sun and cool the day. The ancient customs of Tongcheng related to the cypress "Labaobao", meaning to find children have a fate, the traditional "send the sick day" on January 16, bring children to cypress here, if see a fate, the other party is willing to do the protection, can worship for the parents on the spot, the child recognized dry dry dry mother, It is an interesting intangible cultural heritage. (4) There are also "three corners and nine turns", children's playground, the place for the taste of nettles, some suitable for punching in the photo, some suitable for rest and health. There are also the town demon pagoda, the character of the kuta, the sacred monument of the Daxi regime of Zhang Xianzhong, the monument of the anti war martyr, and the statue of Zhang Ren, who was captured by Liu Bei Zhang Fei (Zhang Ren was the governor of the castle, Liu Bei attacked Chengdu, and Zhang Ning died in the dead, and it is remembered for later generations), and it is rich to explode. Guanghan city government put almost all can install in, here is still clean education base, because the house is a good official, for the people of Xiangcheng for the well-being. Unfortunately, the statue of the house and the house of the good friends of the Du Fu statue and the memorial is not open, and is not seen. (5) Xiangcheng gate. Landmark buildings (word limit, travel notes)"