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Things To Do in Denizli

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
136***53Turkish Pamukkale is very famous and there are many tourists, but the truth is that the scale is not large, the view is OK, the photo effect is OK in the evening, I think the view is far less than the Calcium Pool of Huanglong in Sichuan.
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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
BetTerDAYTurkey is very cold, Pamukkale is also very cold, but in Pamukkale’s hot spring pools, it’s okay to take off your shoes and barefoot. The spring water is very warm and it’s very comfortable to step on, but it’s still a bit cold when you come out to wear your shoes.
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Geological Sites
M15***77The reason why Pamukkale appears white is due to the effect of travertine, but it is really hard to step on it with bare feet. I also spare no effort in order to take beautiful photos. After all, such a large-scale travertine is still very rare.
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Historical Site
Eternal732The ancient Roman ruins in Hierapolis are listed on the World Heritage List, including the theater tombs and some thermal baths. It inherits the Greek style, the main street is one kilometer long, and it is extremely comfortable to walk on the ancient road with wormwood on both sides, blowing the wind of the wilderness. The most important thing is the ancient Roman theater, which is very large in scale and suitable for taking pictures. It is amazing.
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Historical Site
Ancient Settlement
zixunshi99Although this piece is only fragments, not very complete, but every stone seems to have a story behind it, especially when the sun is setting, the photos taken are really vicissitudes of life
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Crystal2650The Archaeological Museum of Hierapolis, located in an original Roman bathroom next to the ancient city of Hierapolis, above Pamukkale, houses some cultural relics excavated from the ancient city of Hierapolis, large sarcophagi, reliefs and Roman statues... …

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