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Things To Do in Deqing

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cncneuwnice getaway from Hangzhou city if you sick of Xihu or West Lakevisiting Moganshan is one of the best choicesthe view is good and they have many cool spots to take photos with the nature
2,542 Reviews
_We***31Beautiful and scenic trip via boat to various sections of the wetland Park. Not over crowded. Great play area for kids.
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Ancient Settlement
一万年偶遇First time to the old town of Xinshi, know that this is the place of talent, the ancient town is very comfortable, sit and drink tea, quite comfortable, compared with the people of Shanghai ancient town, this is the original ecological town, worth a visit.
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Extreme Sport
是苏苏呀Like a carousel, it looks beautiful series +1 For online reservations, first go to the service center to register personal information (signing the certificate of life and death, shaking hands), and then you can go to the hot air balloon location with the ticket. We arrived at 8 o'clock, just as the staff test flight was over, the first group of guests. Once up and down, stepping into the frame, when the ignition is lifted off, there is a little fear inside, after all, it is a high-risk extreme project. Fortunately, I was very safe along the way. I took a few photos in the sky and then dropped hurriedly. The whole journey takes about 10 minutes, the ascent height is 40 meters (to the top 80 meters), and the cost is 299 yuan.
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D28***95[Scenery] It is suitable for emptying and daze. Even if it rains, you can listen to the rain, drink a cup of hot tea and read a book on the terrace of the rammed earth hut. Whether there is a mountain view or the sunrise can be seen, depending on the location of the stay, it is not necessary. [Fun] There are various activities. In the morning, the younger brother is also very comfortable to take on foot, and he changes his lungs. There is now a free 15-minute Land Rover off-road primary experience to send. In addition, you can take a car to and from naked Castle to visit there. [Value for money] Ctrip's three-day and two-night anti-epidemic package includes one western dinner and one Chinese lunch, which is also average. The breakfast buffet is great. Resort hotel mode, there is no special farmhouse, this depends on personal preference. The service is very good, there are not many non-holiday guests, and the car is also satisfied in time.
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geqiCoordinates: New District. Transportation: Public transportation is quite convenient. You can drive by car. The parking is not free. Environment: It's pretty good. I like the feeling of not being crowded. It's also very comfortable. Not too high. There was also a big guide who took us around. Service: good attitude. Every stone has a story.

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Sun Observation PlatformHuzhou,China

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Mogan LakeHuzhou,China

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Dakeng Scenic AreaHuzhou,China

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Deqing MuseumHuzhou,China

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Yellow TempleHuzhou,China

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Deqing Moganshan AirportHuzhou,China

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Deqing Travel Tips

About Deqing

Deqing is located in Huzhou City in Zhejiang Province, in the western part of the Hangjiahu Plain in the Yangtze River Delta. Deqing is an important part of the Hangzhou metropolitan area. Many roads and railways pass through the territory. There is the Mogan Mountain Scenic Spot, a famous summer resort in China. The scenery is beautifully characteristic of the Jiangnan area. With Mogan Mountain as the core, with resorts and villas like Naked Retreat and French-style Le Passage, Deqing has formed accommodations to adjacent Mogan Mountain Village. Many budget homestays and inns are also available here.

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