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Other Places of Worship
HomerotuThe best view on BUYUKADA island must be at the highest point YORGI CHURCH, but the round-the-island carriage does not arrive, so you have to walk and climb a steep slope, but, a little hard to see the scenery, often, more worth it. Indeed, the dreamy sea wonderland, only high above, can be spread out in front of the most arduous, behind a dead tree, the fifth largest island of SEDEF as a platypus floating on the sea, the island of ELIO SEDEF restaurant is quite beautiful, and the distance is Istanbul Asia, a densely lit coastline building. Unlike the church we were impressed with, YORGI is a small Greek church, small to a small bell tower and a room, the entrance, the priest sees a child, and deliberately takes a candle, after the lighting, insertion on both sides, take its usual brightness, no red tape, It's simple. The church is a large collection of objects, more like a small exhibition room, in the center of the cultural crossroads of East and West, Istanbul is more like a meat grinder of religious conflict, Western religions have not survived the hard times, a small Greek sect, can be carefully preserved, It is more difficult. The door opens, the church door of the wisteria blooming, Lao She had a poem cloud, "Four winds fragrant spring, in front of the courtyard ten-foot wisteria flowers," in April, purple with blue, as if a purple waterfall full of life, is always hidden in this place, Unexplained, dead wood spring earnest insist. Church side, there is a cafe, casual sit, are excellent fashion and scenery, occasionally a seagull, will come to the table for food, small drink slow drink, forget the time.
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Churches and Cathedrals
jisopa historic mosque in Turkey, many people from abroad come to Turkey just to see the beauty of this mosque, this mosque has a very beautiful design in the eyes and its very outer courtyard
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National Park
HomerotuThe origin of the name of the Prince Islands is not romantic, and byzantine times, the convicted princes or other members of the royal family are often exiled to this, although only 20 kilometers from Istanbul, but successfully created a "one-in-a-half" feeling of isolation. "In ancient times, it was like Hainan Island, but today it is like Gulangyu Island. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, you can spend 5 lira on a few dozen minutes of comfortable ferry, or sometimes take bread to feed the seagulls, in the clear waters of the Marmara Sea, countless jellyfish drifting along the waves." Before you know it, you're on the Buyukada, the largest island in the archipelago's nine islands. The marina is lined with restaurants and the sun is warm at the end of April. It's perfect for a Turkish ice cream, a huge three-ball cone, to make your mood instantly pleasing. The biggest feature is that there are no buses or TAXIs on the island, except for the necessary public institutions, so either spend 75 lira and ride around the island in a horse-drawn carriage, rent a bike, go around freely, or, more freely, walk. You will meet the white horse, see someone, not and shy walk, instead continue to be side by side if no one graze grass, you will find blue sky under the shade of the foreign house villa, self-beautiful for many years. Some villas are built high, the entry is the cable car installation, inadvertently, low-key luxury. There is such a character architecture, half black, half white, half old, half as new, but no conflict of feeling, free and not public, implicit but eye-catching, perhaps, that is the island, for thousands of years, naturally, gradually have the soul.
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jisopThis mosque is very visible to the eye, as well as being a very comfortable place of worship, in addition to presenting extraordinary beauty, this mosque is one of the assets in this city that must be visited.

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