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Things To Do in Amalfi

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cycat20It is not a historical cultural relic level, but it has become the cover of travel magazines and Internet celebrities in recent years because of the colorful houses. It's only an hour's drive from Naples. The houses are built on the cliffs, and the roads are very narrow and difficult to walk. The houses in the town have been transformed into shops, restaurants and accommodations, and many products are handmade locally. The local area is rich in lemons, so there are many lemon products, such as soap and perfume. You can bring some back to your country to give people away.
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Historical Architecture
小丸子老可爱Life in a small European town is really exciting, especially in such a beautiful place as Amalfi. I wish I could stop here and let me stay a few more days. It feels like Capri Island is not commercialized here.
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SFC申花魂Atrani Beach is also a very famous attraction in Italy. There are really many tourists here. It is still very pleasant to come here to sunbathe on the beach. This is a good place for vacation.
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Historical Site
_GG***77I cant say anything just wow.....see the monuments and ancient building that collapse by reaction of the volcano mount. l would like to recommended the friends the impression of the place that can describe by words.
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_wl***00Very quiet town, famous for its pottery. A seaside town with good sea views. Going in autumn, there are not many tourists, the temperature difference between day and night is large, but it is comfortable, the prices are not high, and the food is very good
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门子乀This is one of the most beautiful sections of the entire Amalfi coastline, 6 kilometers, plus taking pictures, eating, drinking water and watching the scenery for about 3 hours. Note: Coastal roads are very narrow, with only one-way roads in many places. Driving, biking, running, hiking, and even locals entering the town for shopping all mix on this road. Be sure to pay attention to safety.