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Things To Do in Bayeux

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m35***24I came on the rush of World War II. I felt it in the museum, but I gave myself a reason to go back to the country to watch a movie, and I have to watch the Normandy landing movie again.
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sculptorThe Cathedral of Our Lady of Bayo is a Roman Catholic church in the town of Bayo in Normandy, France. After severe damage to the bayo cathedral in the 12th century, the reconstruction was carried out in a Gothic style, the most famous of which was the cross-shaped tower. However, the tower was not built until the 19 century, although it started in the 15 century.
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淼淼0301There are many museums in Bayeux. This is the well-known Bayeux Tapestry Museum in Bayeux. This museum houses a large collection of tapestries. These tapestries have a variety of beautiful patterns on them. It is worth visiting.
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Todemmy[Scenery] The painting museum I like recently [Fun] Except for paintings, the Baron Gérard Museum has almost no other exhibits, but there are a lot of truly outstanding works here. The Thyssen Museum is very clean and well maintained. There is also a great cafe in the museum. There are not many tourists here, the special exhibitions in the museum are well done (comparing Balenciaga and ipaintings clothes design exhibitions), and visiting the special exhibitions is included in the ticket. Remember to bring your passport so that you can enjoy premium discounts when buying tickets. We originally planned to stay in the museum for only one morning, but in fact we strolled for a full six hours, and we also enjoyed a pleasant lunch on the cafe terrace. I will not compare this museum with the Prado Museum. The Prado Museum has a limited collection, but the exhibits are from those incredible Spanish masters. The museum is more like the Metropolitan Museum in New York, I prefer if you like painting, the Thyssen Museum and the Prado Museum are not to be missed
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M32***23[View] It is very easy to drive to the viewpoint and a viewpoint that you will not forget. From here you can also enjoy the view of the lagoon in the Featherbed Nature Reserve. [Fun] A great place in Knysna. From the alleys to the lookout, everything is very beautiful. We went to observe the whales, but all we saw was the naked hahaha rehearsal. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the free parking lot. It is worth a visit.
Nearby City
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门子乀Not only is there a US military cemetery here, but on the sands of Omaha Beach, you can also see the rusty remains of the war fortifications of the year. There is also a landing monument on the beach, and the beach is overlooked from the heights from the American cemetery.