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Things To Do in Beirut

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Geological Sites
SusanMy favourite spot in Beirut! Absolutely gorgeous both during the day and st sunset!
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Ancient Settlement
雨丝风片The birthplace of the Phoenician alphabet is here. The Phoenicians created Byblos and many other world cultural heritage sites in Lebanon and Syria. Unfortunately, many of them were destroyed by war. Byblos is one of the few cities still inhabited today. Although most of the houses I live in are modern and newly built. Picture 4 is the house where the local residents lived. Later, the archaeologist found the treasure below, so they demolished the house and excavated the archaeological site. The ruins here are layer after layer. First the oldest Phoenician civilization, then the Christian civilization brought about by the later Crusades, and then the later Islamic civilization. Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" is the best commentary on Lebanon and even the Middle East, as well as the current world trade war and other issues.
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Featured Neighbourhood
E29***39Beirut Souks is one of the most lively places in Lebanon. If you wanna enjoy shopping, whether its luxury or not, visit this market. it has big famous brands, restaurants and cinmea and coffee shops. I recommend eating at Snoberh, very traditional food (mostly a bakery)
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雨丝风片By the way, Lebanon’s National Museum can go to the Tomb Raider. The basement floor is full of tombs, and there are also three real mummies on display. The last picture is the clothes worn by the mummies. Mummies are not allowed to be photographed.
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juki235This is a landmark in the center of Beirut, Islamic architecture. Next to it is the European-style shopping mall in the city center, the building has a beautiful combination of ancient and modern. The whole mosque is still very modern, after all, it was not repaired long ago. Please take off your shoes and socks when entering the mosque. Girls remember to wear a headscarf.
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雨丝风片It used to be the Emirates Palace, and later became the president’s summer residence after Lebanon’s independence. It was restored and protected and turned into a patriotic education base in Lebanon and a must-visit tourist attraction. During my visit there, I met several waves of local students. According to locals, in the summer, outdoor concerts and other performances are also held here. Picture 789 shows the bathroom of Turkish bath. It seems that the upper class of Muslim countries in the Middle East used to follow Turkish bath standards. The dots are the stained glass inlaid on the ceiling of the bathroom, and the sunlight is very beautiful. The Arabian lighting in this palace is also very beautiful, as if they are not repeated, each light is different in each room. The underground was originally the stables of the castle, but now the mosaic murals excavated from the archaeological site are displayed. There is also a large garden outside, overlooking the mountains in the distance. The palace is built on the top of the hill to escape the heat in summer This mountain is not low. When you first go up the mountain, your ears will respond, just go down.