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What to Do
Looking for things to do in Beirut? We provide up-to-date info on everything from must-see scenic spots to local hangouts.
Pigeon Rocks
4.5/536 Reviews
4.5/528 Reviews
Mohammed Al-Amin Mosque
Zaitunay Bay
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Beirut Souks
4.7/514 Reviews
National Museum of Beirut
Hamra Street
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The Corniche
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Gemmayzeh Street
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Mim Museum - Mineral Museum
Churches of Harissa
Nearby City
4.8/55 Reviews
Where to Stay
Discover the most popular places to stay in Beirut, complete with recommendations from fellow travelers and special hotel offers.
Lancaster Suites Raouche
Lancaster Tamar Hotel
4.7/512 Reviews
ParkTower Suites
4.7/514 Reviews
Lancaster Raouche Hotel
The Parisian Hotel
2.1/514 Reviews
Marble Tower
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Duroy Hotel
3.6/58 Reviews
1866 Court & Suites
5.0/59 Reviews
Mozart Hotel
3.7/57 Reviews
Orient Queen Homes Hotel

Discover the Real Beirut With a Local Expert

one of the best experiences with citykart's electric cars with its two floor track
The traditional kaake is a must try authentic Lebanese breakfast dish
The smallville superhero Hotel Lebanon
Travel Inspiration
lagend city most visit n come it’s safe and people was polite only one city with the bay rock on ocean must try local dish and baklava as sweet desert #travel inspiration
Hakimi h
Lebanon, Beirut, The Village
Samal Jarjees
Gorgeous city, especially by the water at sunset. Friendly locals, interesting culture and history, and great food. Highly recommended! #awesomepic
Lebanese travel is described as Paris in the Middle East. The city has a trendy business district that resembles the Champs Elyses. But on the verge of being a converted traditional market and large and small mosques, Armenian churches, shuttle in French The background music on the street is often the Qur'an. After the big mosque, there is a huge Christmas tree, and there is a large piece of ancient Roman ruins in front. The sudden collision and mix and match are really exciting. According to the guide of the city on foot, this is because the French built the foundation of the house. I did not dig up the monuments and directly built the house. The civil war gave him a bombardment. The ancient Roman baths were all re-visited, and I dont know why they were scattered in the city without protection. When it comes to taking pictures, the big guns and camouflage suits are not everywhere. Naturally, there are places where you can't enter, such as the former Jewish quarters, such as the famous Holiday Inn downstairs. The most interesting thing is that not all abandoned ghost buildings are the products left by the civil war. When you find that there are not too many bullet holes in the outer wall and even people are wearing cotton trousers on the balcony, it is very likely that they have discovered the talents here. Know the anecdote - 1 yuan apartment. Before the Civil War, 2 Li-Pounds could be exchanged for 1 US dollar. At that time, there were two types of renting in Beirut. One was short-term rent, and the other was permanent rent. After the civil war began, Li-Volkswagen was devalued. Now, 1,500 Li-Pounds can be exchanged for one US dollar, but the rent contract It is still the previous price, so there will be a situation where 250 liters of pounds, that is, 1 yuan, can be rented for a long time. The landlord will not repair the damaged old house in order to drive them away.
LiAn Zhang