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m35***24The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is located opposite the Carrara Academy and often has small art exhibitions by Italian modern artists.
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噼里啪啦[Bergamo] For lunch, the appetizer was a plate of salt and pepper mountain pit fish. A group of Americans were pushing each other, no one dared to eat it. It’s rare to have such a delicious thing. If you don’t eat it, it’s right [ye]. Cuttlefish with mashed potatoes, another table of 20 Americans watching me, a Cantonese who eats everything, was eating. They all only ate mashed potatoes. At this time, none of the Americans who always love to be politely pretended Going down, I made a few Italian teachers so embarrassed. In fact, the whole meal was fine. Except for the lack of a Fujianese, now you know why I am so fat.
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打起背包去旅行It's a good feeling, and I've learned something here.
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MarlonSI spent my birthday in Milano. The catedral is stunning. it’s in the middle of the plaza. it’s beautiful! I recommend you to visit inside it!
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筱瑶_萧A small town. When going up the mountain, you have to take a small train to go up the mountain. After going up the mountain, the main thing is to walk up the mountain. It is very literary. There are many boutiques and restaurants, as well as museums and bell tower churches.
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一米qLa Gione Palace, located in the old town hall square in the center of Bergamo, is the palace of the Kingdom of Venice in history. The entrance to the palace is not very eye-catching. There is a statue next to the entrance with a lion relief on the top. It is one of the few local attractions.