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Things To Do in Bintan

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WanderLenOur tour guide are very friendly, they speak fluently in English & explain every details clearly, but just scared on the snakes sleeping on the branches of the mangroves. To sum up with, got a full doze of oxygen coz its a nature tour. Try yorself when you drop at Bintan Resort Island.
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雨丝风片I lived on the island for a week and I really like this island with few tourists. I was the only one in the whole resort. The problem with space is that there is no day tour group to join, and it becomes a chartered car, so you can go to places where other people don't go. So the driver took me to this mountain, and found a local to guide me as a guide. This mountain is so primitive that there are no roads. Where there is a steep slope, there are only a few ropes. Other places are primitive jungle trails, unlike the domestic scenic spots where there are paved stairs. It's not even the Australian hill trail. Here are really hands and feet and used for mountain climbing.
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pxy0705The Bindan tourist area is the seaside resort on Bindan Island, with beautiful docks, beautiful sandy beaches and numerous reefs. The scenery is very beautiful, especially at dusk and sunset, the sky is brilliantly stained by the rays of the sun, really intoxicating.
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Elephant Camp
热爱生活0618There are seven Sumatra elephants in Bintan Island Elephant Park. The elephants are trained to do simple shows. Travelers can ride elephants through the forest or try to feed elephant food directly. Very fun.
Nearby City
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emilywonglfWas at Universal Studios Singapore. the rides was very thrilling and suitable for my children. great experience. the roller coaster was not for the faint-hearted really!
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yanmiaojinOne of the most famous activities in Bintan is to take a boat through the mangrove forest. "Mangrove" is actually a primitive jungle area with a dark green appearance. It is said that only by taking a boat along a river called Simeng River into the depths of the jungle, peeling off the skin of thousands of years old trees, you can see the red trunks. The Simeng River is 6.8 kilometers long, and the jungles on both sides are relatively sparse. The farther away from the sea, the narrower the river channel. The local Malay aboriginal boats sailed out of the small river to fish and catch crabs. After we got on the motor boat, the boat drove straight into the jungle.