Blue Mountains
New South Wales
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Things To Do in Blue Mountains

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National Park
01234567890liThe blue mountains national park belong to the blue mountain, the area has seven national park, was listed in the natural world heritage in 2000. Park with a large area of the original and subtropical rainforest jungle, of which the most eucalyptus trees. Here can let you experience a natural idyllic feelings.
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Cable Car
Tyson BramerA must-do excursion from the hustle and bustle of the city. About an hours or so drive from downtown, this trip is one you won't regret. Make sure to check the weather before you leave, you don't want to be disappointed by heavy clouds and rain.
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E33***72Lookout point allows full view of the three sisters and there is a short trail to one of the sisters. the trail has staircases and steps, not very steep but for elderly with poor knees it might be an issue.
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Observation Deck
乖小咪This trekking trail in the Blue Mountains is really thrilling. On a straight cliff, the stairs spiral down to the deep valley of this cliff. The whole process is very thrilling. Although there are handrails, it is really scary because it is too high, but if it is completed, I feel that it is only so, and I am very proud.
Nearby City
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Observation Deck
M33***29The scenery of the Blue Mountain Scenic Area in Australia is very beautiful! Climbing high and looking into the distance is even more refreshing! There are not many tourists, so the tour is very happy! With a relaxed shout, you can hear the echo from the mountain, so this is also called the echo corner! I miss its beauty so much, today's wildfire has destroyed everything! I can only look at the photos and memories!
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City Park
琉璃仙仙I'm here to check in. I thought it was just a 30-minute journey, and then somehow another 1 hour after I entered. My god, for me who is afraid of heights, I was really scared to fly out. Now... I can still walk down the road. I can take pictures of the scenery along the way. It’s almost impossible to go up... My legs are shaking... I absolutely can’t look at the left and right sides. I can only stare at the steps upstairs, and then cry in my heart. Yes~You can do it. This is where I came to play. It was killing me. I was really scared of a heart attack. The Blue Mountains have picturesque scenery and spectacular waterfalls at the lowest level, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten to the end, so I can’t do it