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Things To Do in Bosveld

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Golf Course
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Historical Architecture
_GG***02It is majestic building with a beautiful gardens and statues. The White House of South Africa with the Presidential home to the east. It has great views of the city and a majestic stature of the renowned Nelson Mandela.
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National Park
juki235The Pilinsburg National Park in Sun City is very large, the entire park is equivalent to a Singapore. Many rare wild animals on the African continent live here. Lions, elephants, giraffes, porcupines and other unique animals on the African continent can all be seen here, and it is definitely a thriving scene.
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海洋生物小百科I went to South Africa once in 2015 and made a special trip to see the blue flowers. It was the flowering period at that time and it was very beautiful. Tourists stopped to take pictures. I was no exception. I took a lot of photos. The flowering period is seasonal. I have the opportunity to visit South Africa in this lifetime. once.