Burnett Heads
Bundaberg Regional
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Things To Do in Burnett Heads

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Todemmy[Scenery] The greenery of the Bundaberg Botanical Garden is very good, and it feels great! Flowers are planted very frequently, and many of the styles are beautiful! [Fun] Suitable for picnics and the like, very interesting, the environment is particularly good!
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38 Reviews
nicholecaiThis island has the name of a heart-shaped island, and many tourists will visit it. But to achieve this effect, you must shoot in the sky. The sea around the island is quite clear and it is definitely a first-class resort.
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30 Reviews
pxy0705Skydiving on the Gold Coast is definitely a must experience when visiting here. It is actually very safe. A professional instructor will take you to parachute, and a professional photographer will take pictures for you. When you are flying in the sky, watch The beautiful scenery under your feet and the ability to fly around like a bird is really a very wonderful feeling. In fact, it is not that scary, as long as you relax, you will feel very comfortable.
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正义的力量little spider man pointed at me and told his mon“she kill me”.then he was depressed as the photo showed.This is a country where nature and humans are one. Every place is clean, even tourist attractions
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噼里啪啦lady musgrave island [Scenery] There are few people and the air is good. It's really nice. [Value for money] Not expensive, seafood is also very cheap. [Scenery] It is simply beautiful.
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City Park
TodemmyCelebrating a friends birthday, we met here for breakfast. Well maintained and plenty of parking made it easy. The undercover area was comfortable and we spilled over onto tables and chairs nearby. Plenty of bins for cleanup. The view was lovely and the memorials well done and informative. A credit to the town.