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Things To Do in Cangxi

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48 Reviews
Botanical Garden
旅行2007Yesterday I went to a circle, early winter is not a good season for the garden, the park is idle, tickets are not collected. There are few visitors in the park, the pear leaves are dry, the pool is half dry, the facilities are in disrepair, is a lonely and bleak scene. Pear trees under the most of the vegetables, just the new soil, not far from many farmers are picking up vegetables, this is not the landscape of the scenic spot, but let the low season more than a few layers of life and hope, then saw the park surrounded by mountains and rivers, small long vine frame happy. The myths, history, fossils, poetry about pears, calligraphy is a kind of cultural and knowledge of the inheritance, after seeing long knowledge also acquired the beautiful experience. The quiet early winter pear garden has a different taste, good. Imagine him coming in the spring, thousands of pear blossoms, and the beloved in the walk, fragrance winds, will be very beautiful.
56 Reviews
Memorial Hall
顺时针1986Cangxi Red Army Crossing, on the banks of the Jialing River in Tashan Bay, 3 kilometers southeast of Cangxi City, is one of the 100 classic red tourist scenic spots in the country and a national 4A-level scenic spot. The Fourth Army of the Red Army was under the personal command of Li Xiannian and Xu Xiangqian. The Kuomintang defenders on the West Bank stubbornly resisted the artillery fire, smashed the waves, crossed the river victoriously, went straight to the enemy camp, and advanced to the sword pavilion. It was the place where the Fourth Red Army's Long March started and the memorial site for the battle of the Jialing River. As a red tourist attraction, the scenic spot is open for free, and the explanation fee is 50 yuan. It is recommended to visit. In addition to learning about the red history, the natural scenery here is also very good. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, the terrain is steep, the mountains are steep, the trees are lush, and the Jialing River is from the north. And south. The Red Army Crossing Patriotism Education Base is composed of the Red Army Crossing and the Martyrs Cemetery, and the Red Army Stone Inscribed Slogan Stele Corridor. When entering the scenic area, you can visit the Red Army Crossing Sign Copper Statue, the Red Army Crossing Site, the Generals Terrace, the Red Army Stone Carved Slogan Stele Corridor, and Red Army The memorial hall of the departure place of the Long March of the Front Army, etc., really feel the revolutionary sites and cultural relics of the Red Army during the transition period in Cangxi. After passing by, you can also see many agencies and units swearing and laying flowers in front of the bronze statue of the Meritorious Hall of the Red Army Crossing Scenic Spot. This kind of revolutionary history education is very necessary. Next to the Red Army Ferry is the Xiwudang Mountain Scenic Area, it is recommended to visit together. It is a rare Taoist mountain named after "Wudang" in western China. It has been a Taoist holy site in all dynasties. There are three halls of Zhenwu Hall, Wenchang Hall and Cihang Hall, as well as two halls of Changshengzhai and Yangshengzhai. The topography of Xiwudang Mountain There are more, ascending to the pavilions on the top of the mountain, you can overlook the entire Cangxi County. Recommended travel route: Enter from the gate at the foot of the West Wudang Mountain, climb to the top of the mountain to see Taoist temples, then to the highest point, Yangtian Tower, then down the mountain to the Martyrs Cemetery, and then to the Red Army Crossing Scenic Spot. The journey takes 2-3 hours without turning back.
11 Reviews
滇国剑客There are many scenic mountains in the country, picturesque places also have a lot, Yuanba Tiantai Mountain is also one of them. Most tourists like this because of the unique scenery here, there is a feeling of the rooftop.
10 Reviews
滇国剑客This smoked-cushion temple, which is covered with green trees and bamboos, is a kind of temple-god building, rather a fascinating landscape to be very imaged, because the surrounding environment of the building is very good, very beautiful.
3 Reviews
快乐游This is an old temple, I heard that Kereiqi, the environment is very good, especially in the summer, summer, cool place, this temple can be lively every year Guanyin will be busy, from 3 am to late + point to go.
5 Reviews
Historical Site
一剑滴血There are 152 stone calligraphy works in Kai, Xing, Li and seal styles of more than 160 square meters inside and outside the cave, totaling more than 19,600 characters. The big characters are 70 cm square, and the small ones are like walnuts. The book (engraved) includes 21 famous calligraphers of the Qing Dynasty, including Guo Shangxian, Xu Pan, Li Jiaxiu, and Lin Chunyuan. The walls are full of calligraphy works. A calligraphy exhibition hall. On the stone wall facing the window, there are four characters inscribed by Li Jiaxiu, a famous Sichuan scholar who taught Emperor Daoguang, "Huian Dongtian". The characters are beautifully chiseled, and the half-cylindrical inscribed pen can hide the fist. Below "Hui'an Dongtian", there are stone calligraphy works copying the handwritings of Zheng Banqiao and Su Dongpo. The fonts are chic and handsome, with extraordinary tolerance.

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Heshan Ecological GardenGuangyuan,China

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