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Things To Do in Capital

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Historical Site
_We***85It is worth checking in, a very distinctive attraction.
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乖小咪The Jesuit mission of Trinidad is an ancient testimony of this colonial city. Most of the churches here are traditional Spanish churches. It is also the first place where famous people in Trinidad live. There are more than a dozen churches, large and small, full of religious colors. There will often be mass music and bells, flying over this area, very sacred and solemn.
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小鱼儿2015The Paraná River is also a very deep waterway. Many houses here are built on the water. There are many forests covering the Paraná River. The waters of the river are also quite distinctive. Traveling here is also very special. It's interesting.
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小凌60It is the most important church in this city and the surrounding area. The exterior of the church looks very simple. But the inside is still very religious, and we stayed outside for a long time.
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_We***24The Iguazu Falls, the world's widest, is located 23 kilometers upstream of the Iguazu-Paraná River, on the Argentine-Brazil border, and is a horseshoe-shaped waterfall, 82 meters high and 4 kilometers wide with an average drop of 75 meters.