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Things To Do in Chile

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开心The Plaza of Arms in Santiago, the capital of Chile, before I went to read the guide, it was a bit scary, saying there were riots, thieves, robberies, etc., so I was very cautious, saying that mobile phones and cameras should not be exposed, which made us panic. There really is that the phone is afraid to take it out. Seeing that the church is very beautiful, I took it out and took a picture and I quickly put it in my pocket. Later, we entered the church and circled the square. It didn't feel as scary as it was written on the Internet! Then we saw someone on the balcony of the next museum, and we went in. The museum is free, but the bags need to be stored. You have to use a coin that looks like one yuan to store your own lockers. You can walk upstairs to one Climb to the balcony of the bell tower on the top floor, but need to wait. It seems that people within about 20 minutes can bring a group of people up, about 6 people at a time, because the stairs are very narrow, only one person can pass, and when you get to the top, you can take the last overlook The picture of the church feels good.
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National Park
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
南美当地向导YolandaArrange tourists to go to Easter Island to start a 4-day and 3-night itinerary tour. I recommend everyone if you can only watch one Moai statue, you must choose Ahu Tongariki, which is the most spectacular, famous and representative stone statue group on the island. The 15 stone statues here are different in height, short, fat and thin, and each is unique, perhaps vividly restoring the image characteristics of the aborigines. In addition to the advantages of scale, Ahu Tongariki, located in the east of Easter Island, is still the best place to watch the sunrise and starry sky. When the morning light passed through the gap between the stone statues and cast their shadows into the distance, the shock of this moment was beyond words, and you had to be there to feel it.
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乖小咪Ahu Tongariki is a famous attraction on Easter Island. On the coast here, there are 7 different stone statues, two of which are damaged. But it can also be seen that they are a family and they are very lively. With the addition of the beautiful coastal scenery, it gives people a very warm feeling.
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乖小咪The Strait of Magellan in Punta Arenas is the most famous shipping route in the world. It connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and at the same time can overlook Antarctica. It is the most important waterway from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc. to Africa and Europe, and is of great significance to world shipping. Of course, the scenery here is also very fascinating. It not only has beautiful natural scenery, but also has a strong human history. It is very worth visiting.
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乖小咪San Cristobal Hill is the sacred mountain of Santiago. Here you can overlook the city of Santiago. There is the cathedral on the hill and the statue of the archbishop is very sacred. This is also a place where believers come to worship, and has a sacred and noble status in the local area.
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三石Wadi Lun Valley, Jordan-Moon Valley. Wadi Rum, meaning "wine red valley" in Arabic, was the location of the film "Arab Lawrence". Moon Valley is the most similar zone to Mars, with unique geological structure, formed by salt, sand, and clay! With thousands of rocks, cracks, mounds and volcanic crater-like structures, there are thousands of ditches, and nature is amazing! A pick-up truck for 5 people enjoys the view, and the scenery is spectacular!