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Ancient Settlement
路上50The drizzle made the air fresh and out of the vulgarity, along the ancient town of Qingshiban Road slowly, blue brick, wood board, white wall and people's homes lanterns, leisure and summer time... The fourth stop of Chongzhou tour on weekends, from Yanjiawan, more than 20 minutes, set the hotel near the ancient town, Put things first to the ancient town to eat dinner, then take advantage of the night to run for a walk, the ancient town is not big, not much features, the night scene general.
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Ancient Settlement
binger1031Yuantong Ancient Town, there are more local people living, the commercialization is not so serious. The ancient town is not big, it can be visited in more than an hour, there are not many hotel and homestays, and there is no charge for parking. Yuantong Ancient Town, one side is surrounded by mountains, three sides are surrounded by water, and the developed water transportation has made it once prosperous. Ancient bridges, ancient streets, and homes solidify history and lock up time. Walk quietly through this strange street, feeling the rich smell of fireworks. Avoid the din of glitz, heart like water, past things like the wind, past things like smoke, perhaps a day will eventually understand, history will solidify, history will flow, history will repeat. Only the finest sunshine, plain life is the most beautiful.
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M14***49This is a conscience attraction, no tickets for more than 60 elderly and children, 8 yuan for adults, it is also quite big, the garden landscape is great, there are both cultural sediment and beautiful scenery, or the 87 version of the Red Mansion Dream location, there are many koi of various sizes in the pond, Shop can buy fish feed 3 yuan a bag, feeding fish is very fun, when the rain Chongzhou, otherwise the inside of the tea shop is very quiet. After the garden, nearby Xiaodong Street has chicken noodles cold cakes, such as bean curd brain, eating and playing a dragon.
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M38***67I have been to the earthquake several times before and have been to the earthquake twice. The scenery is very good. I don't lose Qingcheng Back Mountain at all. Especially in winter. The Jiulonggou Canyon is full of snow and ice. It is quite shocking. Unfortunately, the government is working hard to develop the earthquake. The gorge earthquake is completely different. The scenery you can see now is just a drop in the hill before the earthquake. Too much damage to the original development has been done. The local government may not invest in the development. Let him go back to nature.
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秒懂风景Baiyungou is located in Chongzhou Jiguanshan Township Yaojia village, also known as Baiyun Ling. The territory is mainly mountainous, valleys, forest coverage of more than 98%, is Chengdu around the most oxygen-rich place, in many visitors have been known as "natural oxygen bar". The annual average temperature is about 16°, and it is a good place to cool off and absorb oxygen in hot summer.
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Ancient Settlement
_We***28a must see for tourists in Chengdu. lovely atmosphere, nice souvenirs and if you are brave you can try the street food or the ear cleaning!

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Yuantong Ancient TownChengdu,China

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Yanhua ReservoirChengdu,China

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Jiulonggou RaftingChengdu,China

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Jiguanshan MountainChengdu,China

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White Pagoda LakeChengdu,China

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Jiezi Ancient TownChengdu,China

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Chongzhou Travel Tips

About Chongzhou

Chongzhou is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Chengdu in Sichuan province. It is renowned for its picturesque scenery and rich history and is regarded as the birthplace of Taoism. Popular natural attractions include Jiulong Valley, Mount Jiguan and Baita Lake. There are also a number of historical sites including Yanhua Pond, Zhouwen Temple, a shrine to the Song dynasty poet Lu You and Guangyan Monastery.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Chongzhou
25 Oct, 2021 Chongzhou Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 98%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:14/18:24
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