City of Rockingham
Western Australia
Australia:Entry prohibited
Local Situation: Local situation is normal, no additional travel notices| Travel Restrictions: Entry prohibitedDetails
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34 Reviews
Chris PunterThis was a really good place to relax and snorkel, some great fish around and some awesome penguins
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Historical Architecture
juki235Fremantle Prison is now out of service. It is the earliest prison in Australia and has a history of more than 100 years. Although it was built 100 years ago, it is basically the same as a modern prison. It used to be a place where British exiles were held, but now it is a museum and it is worth visiting.
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Nature Reserve
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1 Reviews
仙杜瑞拉的秘密The sea is blue and clear, and the fish are lively and comfortable. My best friend and I especially like this beach because we can bring our good friend pet dog here and enjoy the beach time with us. The water on this beach is particularly blue, like a flawless sapphire. Every time my girlfriend and I come here, we always love to take pictures of this sea. My best friend and I come here to snorkel and surf every time we come to the beach. The water on this beach is particularly blue and clear. Even if my girlfriend and I don't snorkel, we can see the fish in the sea as long as we stand in the shallow water. My girlfriend and I especially like to pay here, because the little fish in it are not afraid of us at all. Sometimes when I saw that I didn't go down, I would come to swim around us. My girlfriend and I always take a walk by the beach in the evening. In the evening, the sand will not be so hot. My girlfriend and I will take off our shoes and feel the fineness of the sand at close range. And watching the sunset at this time is particularly beautiful, this beach, and the special openness beside it, it feels like the sun has fallen into this sea. Practical TIPS: 1. The beach is open all day. 2. Free entry to the beach, no tickets required. Scenic address: Bayeux Ave | Warnbro, Rockingham, Western Australia 6169, Australia
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1 Reviews
独自旅行的姑凉You must experience when you come to travel and feel the purest island style. This time I came to Australia. I went to Palm Beach. At Palm Beach, I just rushed to watch the sunset. Haha~ As expected, my best friend and I came to Palm Beach. On the beach, I saw a lot of palm trees, which is really island style! Then there is a huge swimming pool on the edge of the beach. The water inside is very clear. During the day, there are fewer people because they go to the beach to play. At night, it is super lively. The beach here is very white, and the sea is also very clear. It is the classic Tiffany blue, a super high-class color. As soon as I came, I took photos with my girlfriends all kinds of punches~ Finally, I finally waited until dusk. The sunset here is real. It’s super beautiful. We watched the sun go down slowly like this, the empty clouds all turned into fiery red, and then the entire sky was dyed purple red. It’s really super spectacular, and the sea water also reflected the reflection of the burning clouds. ! ! Every one of us stopped and watched. Almost everybody took a cell phone to record this magnificent moment. It was really the most beautiful moment I have ever seen. TIPS1. Attraction address: Rockingham, Perth, Western Australia 2. Opening hours: Open all day