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Geological Sites
美国国家旅游局Along the more than 580 kilometers of Oregon's coastline, there are starry beacons, fishing villages, and magnificent scenery, plus the bright glow of the day and night. Hiking up the long hills, the seaside rides through the stunning grassy conglomerate (Haystack Rock). Standing at the grassy rocks and watching the sunset, you'll understand why this is one of Oregon's most haunting attractions.
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东张西望望东西The area of the beach is very large. The sea water is very clear, the beach is clean and soft, and the scenery is especially pleasant. This is a resort for people around here, there are not many tourists, but the scenery is not inferior to the beach elsewhere.
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Other Sightseeing Tours
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City Park
雨梦蝶飞Quite an ins style niche tourist destination Astoria is an absolutely unpopular niche attraction! My friend and I decided to visit Astoria mainly because we were curious about Fort Stevens State Park. The inside of Fort Stevens State Park is actually very simple. There is an endless sandy beach with a fence-like thing in the center that looks very shabby. It's very suitable for taking pictures. If you have friends who are curious like us, you can also come and have a look. In short, there is a little horror atmosphere, but the effect of my friends is that I look like a very bad girl. Hahaha. But it's very ins style, it looks taller when taken! In addition, there are more museums near Astoria! For example, the Columbia Waters Museum has existed a long time ago (1792)~ There are some models of cruise ships in it, which can be said to be quite realistic! You can learn some history of the Pacific! It is suitable for girls who like history. There is also the Flavel House Museum, which was transformed from the former residence of the Flavel family. You can learn about the early history of the United States and the contributions of celebrities. My friend and I also brought some small souvenirs back, which can be said to be very commemorative~ And the most worth mentioning is the Astoria’s sea-crossing bridge. My friend and I are also very good when we check in and take pictures in the future! Creative fairies can emboss the cute little ghost horse shape. The photo effect is very good. The little tip to eat with confidence: 1. Fort Stevevs State Park is open from Saturday to Sunday, 9:00-22: 002. Columbia Waters Museum opening hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00-17:30 Tickets are affordable Scenic address: Astoria, OR, Fort Stevens State Park
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东张西望望东西The Astori Cross Sea Bridge is a local iconic bridge, the structure is very special, beautiful, spectacular, the drive over the bridge is great and the views are quite good
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National Park

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Fort Stevens State ParkClatsop County,United States

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Museum of WhimsyClatsop County,United States

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The Highlands Golf ClubClatsop County,United States

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Astoria Regional AirportClatsop County,United States

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Twilight Eagle SanctuaryClatsop County,United States

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Liberty TheaterClatsop County,United States

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Clatsop County Weather

23 Oct, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
8 ~ 14
24 Oct, 2021
10 / 14
25 Oct, 2021
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26 Oct, 2021
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27 Oct, 2021
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28 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Clatsop County
23 Oct, 2021 Clatsop County Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 91%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:43/18:16
Clatsop County Running: Suitable, Cycling: Suitable

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