Coffs Harbour
New South Wales
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Things To Do in Coffs Harbour

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M22***07Coffs harbour, not far from Byron Bay to the north, I played for 3 days. It is an empty beach for a train tour of NSW, a dock for yachts, a pristine island, and even whales out of the water. Everything is close to perfection. . . Experienced the life in the rural areas of Tuao University and saw their wealth
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聪明的笨羊In Coffs Harbour, we went around from the beach and saw a long plank road leading to the depths of the sea on the other side. On the side road of the plank road, a few children, barefoot and wearing bikinis, were playing skateboarding, and fitness equipment. They walked up the trestle bridge along the side road of the wooden floor. They suddenly became enlightened. Pedestrians in twos and threes walked together, chatting and laughing, and the trestle bridge. Someone was fishing at the end of the village, and I kept my head out when I saw the fish, and the sky was red from the setting sun.
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Observation Deck
珊珊ZThe beautiful Coffs Harbour, every time I come, I feel like I want to settle down here. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are many entertainment projects, the world’s most beautiful golf course, the ocean park, and the clown fish in the butterfly house. From Sydney, it can be reached by car for 6 hours along the coast or by plane or train. The transportation is convenient for the whole family.​​​
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临界点I like big.banana and bought a bunch of banana pens. Hahaha, Australia can really turn into postcards with just a shot! I really miss those days, I might have such a life again
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聪明的笨羊When leaving the town of Coffs Harbour, we chose to visit the botanical gardens in the North Coast area. We learned from other websites that it was not too big. It used to be a garbage dump. The old look changed to a new one. There is no need to buy tickets for the small garden. The staff greeted each visitor very enthusiastically. In the botanical garden, the plants are marked with the place of origin. We saw that there are also plants in China, small bridges and flowing water, lotus ponds, wandering around, watching the busy figure of the garden staff, We must cherish everything around us.
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明慈DescriptionSouth Solitary Island Light is an active lighthouse on South Solitary Island, an island within the Solitary Islands Marine Park, about 15 kilometres northeast of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. The lighthouse is located at the summit of the island.