Colac Otway Shire
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artistfx1118A walk through the treetops of Otway, if the translation should be like this, it is necessary to come here to experience the Great Ocean Road once. Because the Great Ocean Road is always watching the sea, it is necessary to experience the fun of the woods in the middle section of the forest road. Tickets are required for this attraction, and two ways are provided, one is hiking and the other is cableway sliding. Hiking is not like a normal trekking in the woods, but a tree top trek. It is a hiking trail in the middle of the woods. This trail is the tallest and longest elevated trail of its kind, with a total of 600 meters and 35 meters above the ground. After walking for almost 2 kilometers, because the whole journey is not at the top of the tree, there is still a part under the tree, which takes about 45 minutes to an hour. It is very interesting to see the whole forest from a completely different perspective. I didn’t choose the slide, so I can’t explain it to everyone The Ten Great Ocean Roads is a completely different experience.
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Eva27Wonderland on earth, paradise! Crescent Bay, Maverick Observation Deck, the nearby rainforest flyover, and each house in the town have different styles, and each place is worth savoring...
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Aerial Tour
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爱耍的周大爷Kennett River is a rather unwelcome attraction, not many people, free parking, it is said that you can find koalas on both sides of the earth road, but because the maples are taller, looking for koalas is eye-sight, we only saw a few climbing on the top of the tree to sleep There are many kinds of oysters in the entrance, and I don't know whether it is wild or raised, anyway, not afraid of people, there is a tease come, crawling around you, the daring friends must like it.
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