San Juan
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Things To Do in Condado

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M25***40Very beautiful beach, three-three-two tourists, lush trees, and then the whole day is very relaxed here, but the beach sun is not small, pay attention to sunscreen, otherwise it is easy to sunburn. .
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Historical Site
渭南松赞干布The historic site of San Juan, which was built on the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico in 1511 as a military fortification to protect the West Indies and the Spanish Empire, includes fortresses, outlying positions, ammunition depots, walls and moats. After that, the island of Puerto Rico was extended and reinforced for centuries to prevent foreign aggression. The USA defeated Spain in the 1898 American-Western War.
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M25***40Very interesting building with huge courtyards and museums on the second floor. Only three of the museum exhibits were open when we visited; one exhibited modern art and was fun! Well worth the visit
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M25***40We loved it, as the location is not too far, so after finding it, we basically brought plenty of food and drinks to relax every day, and really didn't get tired of spending the whole day.
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A730It's good, but it's not that amazing. The beach here is very suitable for lying down and watching the sea and watching the sunset. There is a creature that resembles sea cucumbers, and you can see sea urchins and various seaweeds. The waves are not very big and the water is not very deep. You can sit on the beach and soak in the water, which is not too dangerous.
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Sarah HsSan Juan was once a territory of Spain. Later, because of its important economic and strategic position as the throat of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico was bought by the United States. The two forts have now become popular tourist attractions.