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Theme Park
西等记忆西等记忆O-World in Daejeon, South Korea is the premier theme park in the central region of South Korea. It can be roughly divided into three sections, namely a garden where you can enjoy various flowers, a zoo as the main park, and JoyLand amusement park with various amusement facilities. Here you can not only appreciate various plants and animals, but also experience various entertainment facilities. There are 20 themed gardens in the garden area, where you can see trees and flowers throughout the year. For example, a rose garden composed of various roses such as roses, four seasons roses, and peace roses; a herb garden with charming aromas such as rosemary, jasmine, mint and lavender, etc. The zoo displays American black bears, lions, Bengal tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and other animals. In the amusement park, there are a variety of rides such as roller coasters, giant drops, and super pirates.
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Historical Architecture
日月星辰Y日月星辰YCheongnamdae is the private resort of the President of South Korea. It is surrounded by ridges and verdant, facing Daqing Lake. The ecosystem is well-preserved. It has a large private garden, tall trees, blooming flowers, and complete facilities. It consists of a five-cornered pavilion, golf course, Diaoyutai, heliport, etc. The interior decoration is relatively classic. The guards are strictly guarded. There is a boulevard composed of fir, pine and zelkova trees. In autumn, the leaves change and are golden and beautiful, attracting a large number of tourists.
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日月星辰Y日月星辰YDaqing Lake is a large artificial lake with large water storage capacity and rich ecological resources. The lake is clear and the peaks are reflected on the lake. Many migratory birds come to build nests every season. The president’s back garden is here. All you can see at a glance are all kinds of flowers, plants and trees. There are a large number of fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, plants and land animals living by the lake. There is also an exhibition hall there. , You can visit for free.
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空空CJ空空CJThe museum, which is a museum of the rise and fall of Japanese civilization, tells about the impact of Japanese civilization on money. It is worth a visit to learn about the origins of money, currency exchange, trade policy, political influence in different countries. However, no photos allowed here, if only you can take pictures. Leave 2 hours to visit and it is well worth it.
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Theme Park
猫鹿鹿猫鹿鹿I am going home on the last day. This is an artificial waterfall at the back of Herb Paradise. After 5 days of Seoul, I felt the cultural atmosphere and customs of Korea during my trip to Cheongju. I hope you will go out and see the culture of different countries and discover the beauty around you.
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Historical Site
海豚爱大咖海豚爱大咖Because the plane is at Qingzhou Airport, the first attraction is Shangdangshan City, a short section of the ancient city wall, where many costume dramas have been shot. The attraction is very small, like a park, with a large lawn

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DaejeonseongseogidokgyobaekhwajeomDaejeon,South Korea

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CheonjiyeonDaejeon,South Korea

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Yuseong Hot SpringsDaejeon,South Korea

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Daejeon National CemeteryDaejeon,South Korea

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Daeheungdong Culture and Art RoadDaejeon,South Korea

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Dunsan Prehistoric SiteDaejeon,South Korea

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