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Things To Do in Danyang

Nearby City
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Theme Park
BrittaneygovenderI went there last year in April but I would definitely go back. I also really liked the museum as well.
Nearby City
39,342 Reviews
_We***28Beautiful lake, bridges and vegetation! well worth a visit. I only had one hour to explore but could easily have spent a few more hours enjoying this lovely area.
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City Park
马马乎乎168The most enviable thing in the park is that the fruit trees are full of fruit, especially the maple trees, the fruit is so heavy that the trees are almost crushed, it is very spectacular. [View] is good [interesting] is strong [price-effective]
Nearby City
3,527 Reviews
icqpupWhen I was a child, I was impressed by the scene of the new white woman legend. In my memory, the Jinshan Temple and the new white woman legend are connected. Fahai is the opposite person in the play, but actually a good monk who has been working hard. When he was teenage, Dad brought it once, but he was not impressed. This time, it was like a brand new one. The Jinshan Temple is called the Jinshan Temple, which is all wrapped up in the temple architecture. The iconic Jinshan Temple Tower stands on its own, and is visible from afar, but it can't be climbed. The current scope of Jinshan Temple Park is far larger than Jinshan Temple, suitable for local people on weekends and leisure, and for the destination of out-of-town tourists is the core of Jinshan Temple. The standard price of tickets is 50 yuan, not cheap.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
M16***35The comment could not exceed 1000 words 😂 had to modify the comment to Song Kwai Li. This is my first time to write a review! Start with the conclusion: Power Amway, the Salt Lake City, especially the Song Kwai Li Hotel! As for the reason, I went out for a holiday this weekend and thought about it for a long time. I have been struggling with where to go. I initially wanted to go to Anji rafting. I found that the hotel could not be booked, it was full, and it was expensive. Then I thought that I was close to Suzhou, I went to Changzhou Tianmu Lake ah Maoshan or something. I studied the Baosheng Garden of Maoshan. I almost booked it. After I finally gave up 😂 after I read the bad review, my wife and friends mentioned the salt lake city. I went to see the small red book online, and I felt very suitable. I started to choose the hotel. If the hotel is not ready to go to the hot spring, and want to live in a new hotel. The choice range is between Songguili and the school. I have a problem to see the bad review. The bad review is almost the same as the two hotels. The only thing is that someone in the school said that they were bitten 😓. Of course, it is not decisive. It is mainly that Songguili looks at the map closer to the center of the park. The second is that the suite has Hanfu, so finally chose Song Kwai Li. Back to the point, just arrived at the hotel, around 12 o'clock, our room was still cleaning, first sit at my parents (send fruit and small souvenirs), then we went to lunch (Juxianlou), then we split up, my wife and I went to the haunted house (Ten Dianfeng Lei), Leave the fire hall (the water and fire concert show), then go to the rafting, then back to the hotel ready to change Hanfu photo. There is a Hanfu in the hotel room, but I am fat and can't wear it. Just when the hotel saw that we came back to send fruit and something, and helped my wife put the Hanfu on by the way, I mentioned that I had to order the hotel staff Xiao Li (Li Ting, people are beautiful, heart is beautiful), Actively said to help me find Hanfu to send it over, not a while took two, or asked other hotels to ask for, after I dressed, I said a mouth, want to go to the river and lake feast performance, Xiao Li also took the initiative to help to book, after a while, I returned to my information that there was no at the same night, You can help to book the next day at noon, the price is also discounted by the hotel, and then wear Hanfu to go out and take pictures. It is a pity that it rained hard when eating, and I missed the most wonderful Easy-To-Reach tour when I returned to the hotel. The next day went to breakfast at 8:30, just arrived at the restaurant, the hotel manager Bai Yuhan actually recognized us, and said that my parents had eaten early, then took the initiative to say, this point has no place, let us see what we want to eat and tell him, he took our room. Then I went to stroll, booked the hip hop road in the afternoon, and had a riviera feast at noon. Finally, I went back to the hotel reception to take my luggage out of the park. I also took the initiative to help us contact the short bus, and wait with us. After getting on the bus, I heard the people behind me say that they are better than their hotel service, and they also help to call the car. Overall, this trip is still very good. The service of Songguili Hotel is absolutely the best for this trip. Thanks to Li Ting, Bai Yuhan, Xu Ye, Xiao Song and Liu Xing and Panna of Songguili Hotel. Good service is reflected in these little details, and the cumulative quality of the details is inestimable. (Some details are reviewed by Songguili Hotel.)
Nearby City
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JCNit was an amazing experience. its quite a large park to walk around in, with many animals to see and child friendly amusement rides.. we enjoyed the circus show very much as well.