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Nature Reserve
Snow Mountain
E29***70A magical place to visit, even in summer when a perpetual cloud sits over the snow capped mountain. There is no food available (or hot water) so bring your own. If you stay inside the National Park, it saves you having to buy an entrance ticket for a second day if you want to hike twice
650 Reviews
E29***70Worth the massive walk! A tip, when the path splits and you have the choice of walking left to Milk Lake or right to Five Colours Lake, go in the direction of Milk Lake. It is nowhere near as steep and the path then loops around to Five Colours Lake.
344 Reviews
E29***70Worth paying the extra price for a hotel room and food to stay here overnight. If you plan on hiking for 2 days, you don’t have to pay for entrance the second day. It also saves you an hour bus ride from the park entrance to the start of the scenic area.
325 Reviews
Nature Reserve
National Park
亚伦史One of the many stops in the Yading Nature Reserve. A vast field full of wild flowers set in a deep valley between 5000 to 6000m mountains. There is a boardwalk that meanders through the pasture. This is also the last stop if the electric sightseeing car. The cattle farm is a 20min ride or a 1 to 2 hour hike from the entrance depending on one's physical ability.Here you can decide to ride a mule up to the Milk Sea.Picturesque and worth a stop.
205 Reviews
小小绿带爆米花The old friend in front is walking, beside is a camera, lonely and free soul and nature harmonious, hope he can all go well, find the harbour for his soul...
171 Reviews
Snow Mountain
Nature Reserve
National Park
金哥V铁马📙 Haizishan Nature Reserve is located in the northern plateau area of Daocheng County, with a total area of 3723 square kilometers, of which Litang County accounts for about 2/3, Daocheng County accounts for about 1/3. The lowest elevation of the reserve is about 3,400 meters, the highest altitude is 50,50 meters, and the average altitude is 4,000 meters. 📙 Haizishan Nature Reserve is the largest ancient ice body relic in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known as the "Daocheng Ancient Ice Cap". The protected area is a plateau hill that rises with the Himalayas uplift in the ancient Mediterranean. It is part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Because the Tibetan nationality of the alpine lake is also called Haizi, it is named Haizi Mountain. 📌 Detail Address: Haizi Mountain Observation Deck is located between Litang County and Daocheng County, G227 National Road. 💴The observation platform parking is free. 📝Tips:1, this G227Haizishan is the same name as the Haizishan on the 318 National Road, which may be the same mountain. 2. 59 kilometers from Daocheng County and 87 kilometers from Litang County. 3. There are geological parks, magpie sea, the largest ancient ice body in the world near the observation platform. 4. The altitude along the Haizi Mountain is high, so as to avoid the high anti-movement.

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About Daocheng

Daocheng (稻城) is located in southern Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in China’s Sichuan province, in the southeastern portion of the Tibetan Plateau. The Aden (亚丁) Nature Reserve in Daocheng is a top vacation destination famed for its snowy peaks. The Khampa (康巴) Cultural Region, part of Daocheng County, is an important part of Khampa culture. The religion practiced in Daocheng County is Tibetan Buddhist Lamaism. Of the 13 monasteries in the county, the most renowned are the Shugden (雄登) and Gonggaling (贡嘎岭) monasteries.

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19 Oct, 2021 Daocheng Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 77%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:22/18:45
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