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Things To Do in Deyang

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方知行Personal favorite museum, Samsungdui museum is a must.Also a few years ago, before the understanding is not very intuitive, face-to-face visit before I feel more shock, mysterious, exquisite, every bronze is so breathtaking.
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Hot Springs Resort
_We***78The hot spring scenery is beautiful, the design is full, and the water quality meets the needs of different people. My children like to play the most, it seems that playing with water is a game that will never be tired, like 👍
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滇国剑客Sichuan Mianzhu Jiujiu Skating Grassland, looks very powerful, the surrounding environment is also good, it is difficult to make people have sports interest and enjoyment. In short, I just want to experience the feeling of great speed drifting.
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无目的闲逛The director said that the comprehensive museum exhibits gold, copper, jade, stone, pottery and other cultural relics, with the type of topics, the subject of ideas, vertical through, horizontal expansion, introducing the ancient Shu history and the ancient Shu Kingdom in various fields of the brilliant achievements. The museum takes the panoramic view of the Sanxingdui site as the main exhibit
Nearby City
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Eleanor BeresfordLoved it! Saw so many pandas, the enclosures are large and people can't get too close, which is good for the pandas. It was raining but the pandas were still hanging out outside, and we saw a big range of pandas at different stages in the development. There's a museum too which was informative and, even though we went in the middle of the day, it wasn't too busy and had no queues.
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钱旋勒The ancient architecture and pattern of Deyang Confucian Temple are preserved intact. The existing pattern is centered on Dacheng Hall, with a central axis line between north and south, symmetrical arrangement between left and right, and the central axis line from south to north is Wanfeng Palace Wall, Comet Gate, Dianchi Lake, Yongqiao, Tuen Mun, Lila Tei, Dacheng Hall and Qisheng Hall. On both sides are the "Daoguan Ancient and Modern" square, "Depei Heaven and Earth" square, East and West Tong, East and West Yubei Pavilion, East and West Tongdian; the northern end is the back garden. [1] Deyang Confucian Temple is a complete, large-scale, rich local characteristics of the Confucian Temple in the western part of China, known as "Deyang Confucian Temple Jia Xichuan".