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Things To Do in Dongyuan

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3,473 Reviews
GerryOnTourI went here from Dongguan, 90 minutes by train. The lake indeed has a jade green colour with red sandbanks. The attractions on the boat trip are of, little interest but it's nice to be out on a boat. One thing that put me off was many guys were allowed smoke on the boat and throw the butts into the lake. The whole area is littered with butts and other rubbish. I felt this questioned the 190 yuan price which is a little high. But well worth it if you time on your hands in this city.
580 Reviews
GerryOnTourI loved this place, much more interesting than the boat trip. You can hike through huge boulders to the top of the mountain. Amazing view from the top. I saw nobody up there, the locals all took the bus while I walked and found this gem. I've never seen mushrooms so nice or big. It's a pity someone just picked them for a photo and threw them back on the ground. I was tempted to eat one and get the Technicolor eye effect but I chickened out. A night of been lost in the mountain licking the walls didn't appeal to me. It's a very quiet place with only the noise of insects and birds to be heard. The odd auntie can be heard in the distance pulling poses for her WeChsat moments. I recommend here.
408 Reviews
等风来仪It is very lucky to have been here as a foreigner. It belongs to the subtropical region, with green trees, open water, beautiful scenery, and more authentic river-fresh small pavilions, you can enjoy a large meal, climbing mountains in the bright wind and sunny weather is the best choice. Hopefully, we'll have a chance to go back.
213 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
翼儿爱自由I will love it when I go to Heyuan Yeyuan Hot Spring, because Heyuan Yeyuan Hot Spring is located in the national 4A level tourist area and hot spring area, surrounded by green vegetation, fresh air, and high negative ion content. Because it is located in the Hakka family, so the hot spring is mainly Hakka style, authentic Hakka cuisine, Hakka enclosures are full of rich Hakka flavor. The unique design of the hot spring area, the variety of hot springs, the fragrance of flowers, and a river source first wave pool, the sea waves lifelike, stimulating fun. Perhaps it is the reason that people don't know it, there are no other hot springs crowded, three or two confidants take the pool, chat and laugh, enjoy rare quiet. Address: Liangtian Village, Huangtian Town, Dongyuan County, Heyuan
83 Reviews
M36***84I brought my colleagues and family to Wanlv Valley on weekends. Although I missed the rafting and swimming season, everyone thought it was very good. Breathe the mountain air and feel the scenery of the flower fields and the lake. The most important thing is that the fish here are very fresh. Today we eat one fish and three! When I left, I said I would come to Wanlv Valley next time! Colleagues and family having fun shows that this trip is worth it!
49 Reviews

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Wanlu LakeHeyuan,China

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Wanlugu ValleyHeyuan,China

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She Nationality Scenic Area in HuanglongyanHeyuan,China

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Dongyuan Travel Tips

About Dongyuan

Dongyuan County is located within the area of Heyuan City and is the county with the second largest area in Guangdong Province. Dongyan County is home to beautiful landscapes with tourist destinations that combine sightseeing with lakeside resorts and forest retreats. Some of the county’s main attractions include the beautiful winding landscapes of Jinghua Yuan (镜花缘) and the gorgeous man-made Wanlü Lake. The local She people have a vibrant culture. The Huanglong Cliff She Culture Tourist Area (黄龙岩畲族风情旅游区) is formed around seven limestone caves and the surrounding She areas. The tourist area gives visitors the chance to appreciate the natural beauty and learn about the unique culture of the She people at the same time.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Dongyuan
24 Sep, 2021 Dongyuan Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 65%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:10/18:16
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