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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
E23***71Very touristy? yes but definitely worth the visit. Spend a day getting lost in it's many different small streets and alleys. The old town is extremely charming and discovering the back streets are a great way to get to know the city. What I loved most was stumbling upon holes in the wall which led to the sea!
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Observation Deck
LifeisahoneymoonA great location overlooking the ancient city of Dubrovnik. The cable car stands at the foot of the mountain outside the north gate of the ancient city. There is a huge cross on the top of the mountain. It was originally given to Ducheng by Napoleon. It was later destroyed by the war. Now there is a replica standing there.
15 Reviews
Kimi_jmThe beach very close to the ancient city, the sea is especially beautiful in the morning. Many people swim here in summer. The sea in Ducheng is cool in summer. There is also a dining area on the shore. Many foreigners bask in the sun with a chair and umbrella. under
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Historical Site
沙漠里的赤裸裸When I arrived at Dubu on the first day, it was a bitter wind and rain. I wanted to go up the mountain to take a cable car. The landlord said that the cable car had been stopped for a month because of tax owing, and it would not open until next month. 😳😳😳Two people are looking at each other. Is there such an operation? ? ? Fortunately, looking out from the window of the homestay is a complete old city. The next day after walking two kilometers of the city wall, I even saw the red roof. So, come on, dragon view, the world cultural heritage red roof and white wall Dubu saturated bombing~~~ I didn't expect The Bell to shoot so clearly. Tickets for the city wall are 200 Kuna, and the press card is 50. The navigator and the driver were tired from playing, and the circle of friends couldn't weave, and there was a serious delay. Now this positioning is said to be Modric's favorite restaurant in his hometown Zadar. In addition, whoever snatched siff’s sea flowers and Neon Genesis Evangelion, please remember to save the waste woods far away in Europe [cover face][cover face][cover face]
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Historical Architecture
sculptorDubrovnik Clock Tower (Gradski zvonik) is located in the center of Dubrovnik’s Old Town in Croatia. The bell tower is 31 meters high. The clock tower was originally built in 1444 and was damaged in the Dubrovnik earthquake in 1667. It began to tilt towards the Stradun in the early 19th century. It was demolished in 1928 and fully followed in 1929. The original design was rebuilt. It was damaged again in the Montenegro earthquake in 1979 and was restored in 1987-1988. The bronze bell was cast in 1506.
15 Reviews
乖小咪Lokrum Island is a beautiful and quiet island near Dubrovnik. There are not many tourists on the island. It is very quiet, well-protected virgin forest, and calm and clear lakes. It is the best tour in Dubrovnik. In a holiday resort, staying here for two days, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is definitely a kind of spiritual purification.

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