El Calafate
Lago Argentino Department
Argentina:Travel prohibited
Local Situation: Circumstances normal| Travel Restrictions: Travel prohibitedDetails
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Things To Do in El Calafate

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juki235Uppsala Glacier is the second largest glacier in the world, and you can see a corner of it when you visit Lake Argentino. The area of the glacier is super large, about the size of four Buenos Aires. On the lake of Argentine Lake near the glacier, there are floating ice of various shapes. The volume is huge, the color is very blue, and the sun is shining. Bright, very fantasy.
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National Park
pxy0705The Los Glaciares National Park in El Calafate is a very beautiful bay park. There are vast pastures, blue bays, and endless snow-capped mountains. Everything is so pure and beautiful as a paradise. Coming here is absolutely refreshing and shocked by such natural beauty. .
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288***60Bedema Lake, the biggest surprise is that there is a glacier in the lake. It is fantastic.
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曽小姐during sunny day the water is very crystal blue. in the morning of mid Nov snow is still being on the top of mountains along both sides of the lake. it is calm and peaceful. it gives you the beauty of the planet.
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288***60The Santa Cruz River, with its long history, is blue and crystal clear. It is beautiful.
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Historical Site
_We***84An enjoyable glacier trip, deep travel on the ice takes a whole day, at least 15 kilometers back and forth hiking, it should be noted that the ice sealing time is from April to September.