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一江烟雨没朝阳[Scenic] There are more people in the summer, the seawater is rising and the tide is getting muddy! [Fun] There are more play items: Beach car, yacht, etc. [price/performance ratio] Food is relatively expensive, attractions are free, and seafood is relatively cheap to buy in the market.
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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
恒有国旅定制师马丽The scenery is good, there is no restaurant inside, only powder and grilled intestines, there is a waterfall. The waterfall is not as big as the picture, but the photo is really good. Bring a child to bring an umbrella to do a good sunscreen. Come to the hot spring and take the bus at the bus stop. There are both round and round.
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山在穷游When we came to Fangcheng Harbor, how could we not have a look at the seaside? White waves are very close to the harbor of Fangcheng a beach, before I did not come, I had mistakenly thought that all of this is white sand, did not think, after coming found that white sand is not much, but more is white waves, one white waves after another, It's a great place for kids and parents to play. Of course the tour is quite complete, if you want to go out to sea, you can take a boat to sea, no one has been found to dive here, but I think it must be a good time to dive when the weather is calm, if you don't want to go, There is also a special homestay next to it, you can stay here for one night and feel the beauty of the tide.
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M30***78The dry duck growing up by the sea was rafting for the first time! No heart prepared, was puddled in the beginning! But immediately entered the state, enough excitement! Unfortunately, it was not very good, many important lenses did not get captured! Will come again!
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清与There are many merchants near the port, mainly selling Vietnamese specialty, coffee, mango dry, durian dry, bread slices, all bought some, compared to the coffee than in the shop at the port to buy more expensive, mango dry prices are the same. The happiest 20 yuan bought a pocket of red maodan, fresh and delicious, eat all the way. The port on the Beilun River set up the National Gate Bridge to Vietnam, the stately Guomen Guozheng shows the strong prosperity of our great motherland. You can use your ID card to apply for the border defense pass to go to Vietnam for a day trip. National Day Hotel, travel agency agent 200 yuan a, weekday agent only 100 yuan. But we didn't pass the time limit ~ here, the distance between China and Vietnam is such a narrow river less than 50 meters ~ the street near the port ~ indulge in the feast of tropical fruit ~ ~ ~ small wooden pineapple for 10 yuan a ~ hair litchi about 4~6 yuan / jin ~ ~ almost all the cats in the street Shanwang durian and Jinzhu durian, but it is said that only the nominal name is accurate, of course the price of the nominal name will sound a few more expensive... Still back to Dongxing Wanwei Market to buy seafood and toil yourself is more reliable, come to Fangchenggang must come to Dongxing Wanwei seafood market next to Home "world customer seafood" is quite good, processing fees are cheap, the boss is also good.
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穿白衬衣的薄荷星100,000 mountains Butou Hot Spring, hidden in the port of Fangcheng small Santorini, beautiful explosion! 100,000 mountains forest park not far from a Butou hot spring, if you come, must remember to punch! Firstly, the Butou Hot Spring, its beautiful blue waterfall even gave me a romantic feeling in Santorini ~ Butou Hot Spring is located in the north of Shangsi County, Fangchenggang City, 5 km, here is located in the valley, three sides of the mountain, green shade into forests, vegetation coverage, high negative oxygen ion concentration. The spring water of Butou Hot Spring poured out from the hole of gully side. The hot spring flow rate is 800 tons/day, the water temperature is 42℃. After the appraisal by the state in 1988, it was confirmed that the content of arsenic and metasilicate is close to the state standard, and the content of sodium is low and the content of free carbon dioxide is high. At the same time, the temperature and ammonia indexes are up to the medical mineral water standard. The sulfur content of the hot spring is 1.5 mg/L, and the water is rich in zinc, manganese, iron and other beneficial minerals for human body, which is a veritable efficacy drug spring. - The cost-effectiveness is very high, you can drink the blue spring ☑️ the blue spring water of the hot spring is drinking hot spring water, which is almost never heard of in other hot springs! Tickets are 60 yuan, one ticket is included, and there are no other consumption items after entering. Compared to many hot spring tickets in the scenic area, the price-effectiveness of Butou Hot Spring is higher than the sky~-☑️Blue Hot Spring Waterfall, as if you are in the most colorful place of Santorini Butou Hot Spring, at the end of the right, you can go straight to the right. The original picture has a scenic navigation map, which can be found easily! The waterfall is really beautiful, like terraced fields, one layer at a time, the aerial view is even more unique, the blue hot springs flow out, the eyes are fresh and fresh, the Mediterranean style is unobstructed~-☑️ magic ice house, trailer and villa cabin, the accommodation conditions are varied, there are many accommodation options on the hot spring. There are magic igloos, RVs, wooden houses outside the scenic area, and a good choice for staying here! ⚠️ There are many flowers in the mountains, and the mosquitoes are very toxic. You must do a good job of mosquito repellent. The mosquito incense of the dew can't be forgotten~- In addition, there is a 🌈 Rainbow Road in the hot spring. The photo is super good! The open-air pool that just entered the scenic spot, the photo also has the feeling of Bali wind~- The hot spring pool is different in size, basically green around, the view is better, the cochlea is the song of the insects and birds when you go to the hot spring, the taste of nature is super-sufficient~⛰️ Attractions: 100,000 Dashan Butong Hot Spring 📍 Address: 160 meters southeast of Butuochang, Shangsi County, Fangchenggang City 🎫 Tickets: 60 yuan (OTA purchase 54 yuan) 🈺 Time: 08:00-23:00 🚘 Transportation: Self-driving tour: Navigation Butuo Hot Springs can be public transportation: Take the local bus to Shangsi County, then transfer to Butuo Hot Spring Station (2 yuan)

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Boundary Monument No.5 in the Great Qing DynastyFangchenggang,China

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Wanwei Golden BeachFangchenggang,China

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Fangchenggang Guaishi (Strange Stones) BeachFangchenggang,China

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Bailang BeachFangchenggang,China

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Port of DongxingFangchenggang,China

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Colorful Beiqiu BayFangchenggang,China

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About Fangchenggang

Fangchenggang City is located on the southwest coast of Guangxi Province, bordered Beibu Gulf in the south, Nanning in the north, and Vietnam to the southwest. Fangchenggang has rich and colorful tourism resources which are embodied by their slogan of “Border, Sea and Mountain." The beautiful scenery of Bailang Beach, Strange Rock Beach or Dapingpo's Moon Bay are not to be missed. At the same time, Fangchenggang is also known as “Hawaii of China."

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