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Geological Sites
沙漠里的赤裸裸Fengshan fairyland Sanmenhai. "The skylights of Sanmen Sea Scenic Area are seven, and are arranged in the form of seven stars in the north gate. It is the only tourist resources in the world," said Dr. Nosario Lukiri, a famous Italian scientific explorer. "The three gates of Fengshan are magnificent, and the skylights of Sanmen are falling with beads. Xingshan, water, cave, heaven is one, is the world rare, unique. "The Sanmen Sea is also called "the World's Window" by experts and scholars at home and abroad. The Sanmen Sea Skylight Cluster is a collection of mountains, water, caves and sky, which is a spectacular, mysterious underground river resource, wonderful and magnificent karst lake, karst spring, large karst cave group, Tiankeng group, skylight group, All the characteristics of karst landforms such as Tiansheng Bridge are concentrated in Sanmen Sea Scenic Area, enough to become a karst world geological park.
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担演救世主的跑龙套In the Wanshou Valley Scenic Area of Fengshan County, the stone flowers and stone hairs here are diverse in shape, crystal clear, and exquisite. Some resemble roses, some resemble the goddess of a lifetime, and some resemble the Guanyin of Songzi...naturally formed, amazingly crafted and breathtaking. , As the so-called three-point resemblance and seven-point imagination ~ in the secret command post and arsenal of the 21st Division of the Red Seventh Army, which are listed as important scenic spots of the red tourist boutique route in Guangxi, at the end of the Wanshou Valley Scenic Spot is the Sanmen Seascape Area of the World Geopark Added a strong red legendary color! Taken at the secret command post and arsenal of the 21st Division of the Seventh Red Army in the Wanshou Valley Scenic Area, Fengshan, Guangxi.
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Geological Sites
汽水盖的天空After a year, we came to the Sanmen Sea, where the scenery became more beautiful and the mountain road became a red cement road. A new bridge crossed the two sides. The lake after the rain was clear and green, and the scenery was unique [turning] [strong] [victory].
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担演救世主的跑龙套The Fengshan National Geopark Museum is located in Chuanlongyan, Fengshan County, the fifth largest cave hall in China. It covers an area of 4,200 square meters with a space height of 100 meters. It is an important geology with special geological scientific significance, rarity, aesthetic value and educational function. Heritage can be selected as the "World Geopark". On October 3, 2010, at the review meeting for new members of the Global Geopark in Greece, China’s Fengshan Geopark and the Leye Dashiwei Tiankeng Group Geopark were successfully selected as the first global geopark in Guangxi. Tourist attractions.
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Geological Sites
118***96very good! A great place to see the Tiankeng from the karst caves upstream of the water! The biggest feeling for me is that there is plenty of oxygen in the cave, and people are particularly comfortable after entering. The scenery inside and outside the cave have their own advantages! Give five points! The price is also ok, recommended!
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Geological Sites
320***86The cave is located in the east of Fengshan County, the Phoenix Mountainside, more than 700 meters above sea level, the stone pillars, stone benches, stone benches in the cave are very beautiful, the form is moving, lifelike, there are dragons and tigers leaping, dragons coiled, large waterfall rushing, very good, worth a visit.

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Guangxi Fengshan Karst National Geological MuseumHechi,China

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