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Things To Do in Foshan

8,338 Reviews
MaxSPretty good. This is entertainment area includes diverse features to guarantee high quality service for your time there. Mostly it will be suitable for families. The area includes zoo, amusement park, restaurants, shows. One if the show is pretty nice intriguing and even trilling due to performances are being shown. Well, recommended for visiting.
2,602 Reviews
_FB***73Worth a visit if you get the chance. It's a good way to spend the day. The Guanyin statue on top of the mountain is an impressive sight once it comes into view. The scenic mountain walk also includes great views of the surrounding area.
1,570 Reviews
哈里亚纳邦嘉比里拉Tickets are a bit expensive, but there are not many play items, fortunately not many tourists. Come here for the first time, the parking lot is a bit far from the scenic spot. It is a few hundred meters to walk to the ticket gate. It is really inconvenient to walk on a hot day. If you go again next time, you must choose to come in the afternoon, otherwise it will be too hot. [Cost/performance] Except for swimming and 4d movies, no other items have been played, a pity.
2,129 Reviews
_We***30recreational parks are good in conservation this place is suitable for enjoying nature
1,828 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
BH7MGFIt's still good overall, bring the kids. I saw what the comments said before about the service attitude is not good, today I contacted, I feel that the service attitude is very good, parking is convenient, 0900 arrives at the front desk to pick up the ticket, the inside of the hot spring is good, and it is clean, first of all, whether it is true hot spring water, clean is enough, Bring children to play, there are children's pool, surf pool, and of course, the standard swimming pool. Also, the ticket, 88 is a special price, it says that you can only use it once without meals, except for the annual ticket. If you are playing for a day, the best ticket to buy a buffet. Good review.
1,171 Reviews
M33***10Children over the age of seven are more suitable, there are many color paintings, the whole journey is not very far, and two hours' feet are enough. You can prepare some dry food and water halfway. Except for the mountain climbing at the door, there is nothing to sell. Recommended index is four stars.