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Things To Do in Ganzizhou

7,371 Reviews
Nature Reserve
E29***70A magical place to visit, even in summer when a perpetual cloud sits over the snow capped mountain. There is no food available (or hot water) so bring your own. If you stay inside the National Park, it saves you having to buy an entrance ticket for a second day if you want to hike twice
3,244 Reviews
_We***21Amazing views and a photgrapher’s paradise. However, you need to be lucky with the weather to see everything. Also be prepared for the crowds. The cable car is incredibly high and long and defintely worth it as it’s the only way to access the top-most viewing platform.
2,702 Reviews
波波赵First time to Kangding Mugecuo, Devil Lake, beautiful scenery, snow mountains, canyons, lake cruise, the sun is very good, individual travellers buy tickets is slightly more expensive, it is best to find a travel agency to buy a group ticket for half of the price, 4 people to buy it.
655 Reviews
_M1***82Luding Dadu River, Hongxue Road must go. Summer vacation is the peak season, how many families bring baby, or suggest to buy tickets on, save the queue time, otherwise, the bridge upper limit number of people pass, late window can not buy tickets.
336 Reviews
E29***70Worth paying the extra price for a hotel room and food to stay here overnight. If you plan on hiking for 2 days, you don’t have to pay for entrance the second day. It also saves you an hour bus ride from the park entrance to the start of the scenic area.
433 Reviews
E29***70We spent 2 full days expiring and hiking through the villages that dot the Jiaju mountainside. A lovely, relaxing and unique spot. Every single feature in this place is beautiful.