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Things To Do in Georgia

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Ancient Settlement
E33***58E33***58Tbilisi Georgia the hidden gem of Europe - Such a beautiful country , warm ,kind and friendly atmosphere. Georgia has a barrage of captivating historical scenery that’s worth viewing . This country will forever be in my heart and on the list of countries to visit again.
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Churches and Cathedrals
Dennis KDennis Kit is immensely big, beautiful and exquisite. inside is grand and delicate. However, it is not an old building so the pious mind falls somewhat.
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Historical Site
_We***13_We***13A great place to visit if you love hiking, good views and fresh air just a stone’s throw away from downtown. Cable road going right from the city center is also available for those who do not feel keen enough to go all the way up.
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Outdoor skiing
事事随缘事事随缘The Oge Monument is actually the viewing platform of the canyon, right on the border between Russia and Georgia. I have to say that the scenery of the canyon is really magnificent. The monument is also very distinctive, subverting the original impression of a pillar of the sky. It is a ring-shaped building made of boulders, with exquisite murals on it, rich in color, and a scene of singing and dancing. The monument between this vast world and earth shines with color as always, but thinking about the relationship between the two countries today, in addition to admiring the stunning nature of the beautiful scenery, it will breed some regrets. The two countries have experienced so much. Georgians should feel embarrassed when they see this monument, but history is history after all. Maybe it will be reconciled a few years later? Looking far away, the surrounding scenery is truly unparalleled. The red mountain peaks in the distance are looming, the sunlight penetrates the clouds, and the heart is refreshing. The tears of the Caucasus are like emeralds inlaid in the mountains. The beauty is so beautiful. And to be exciting. In fact, this is also the most famous snow town in Georgia, a ski resort in the eyes of Europeans. There is a path below the monument, which allows you to get close contact. The front of the mountain is unobstructed, and there is a vast abyss below. It is really a small view of the mountains. The scenery of Transcaucasus is indeed a worthwhile trip!
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轻轻的一个蚊轻轻的一个蚊The snowy peak of the Greater Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of 5,033 meters is the most beautiful place in Pushkin's writings. This is a visual feast, a journey to purify the soul. Passing by the beautiful lake and entering the lakeside church, I found that this is the cover of the "Lonely Planet" Travel Book of Three Countries Transcaucasian. I climbed up to the tower and took the same picture. Arriving at the Georgian Friendship Monument in Russia, the scenery is so beautiful that I don’t want to leave. I watch the beautiful brides and paragliders in the sky and lament the broken friendship between Russia and Georgia. When we arrive at the Holy Trinity Church on Mount Kazbek, the journey has reached the most exciting moment. Stand in this church closest to God, look up at the Kazbek Snow Mountain opposite, look around the colorful autumn colors, and overlook the Kazbek Snow Mountain. town.
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Churches and Cathedrals
_We***37_We***37Mtskheta - Georgia’s former capital is an amazing city where you can feel the Georgian soul. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral built in the 11th century is the place you should visit once you’re in Georgia.

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Als Lounge BarTbilisi,Georgia

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Shuamta MonasteriesTelavi,Georgia

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Mount KazbekStepantsminda,Georgia

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Gudauri Ski Resort,Georgia

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About Georgia

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia has long dazzled visitors with its incredible mountains and picturesque coastline. Vacation resorts along the Black Sea, once the exclusive playground for generations of Soviet leaders, now attract tourists from around the world. In the capital Tbilisi you can see elements from Persian and Russian culture proudly on display. Great Orthodox cathedrals sit in the shadow of Narikala Fortress, constructed in the 4th century CE. Visit the lovely vineyards in valleys near the Caucasus Mountains or enjoy the cool sea breezes and magnificent sunsets along the coast. Georgia is a country with a lot going for it.

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