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Things To Do in Ghana

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pxy0705This beach is a beautiful beach in Accra, Ghana. There are many resort hotels on the beach. The sand is fine and soft, and it is very comfortable to step on. And there are many water entertainments on the beach, everyone will definitely play here, very happy.
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_We***16its one of the most biggest beaches in ghana it has a clean and neat surroundings visitors can enjoy the view and learn some cultures about Ghana , i know more about the place becuse im a ghanaian
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E47***10Truly African Museum. It has a lot of antiques not only about Ghana but Africa. Experience the rich historical culture of Ghana there.
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National Park
卧龙大侠Kakum National Park is a national park in Ghana, located 30 km north of the central coast point, covering 375 square kilometers. It was established in 1960 and was covered by rainforests, including the entrance. The park was set up to protect the rainforests and flora and fauna of the area, and the park contains many rare animals, including the Mona cat, the dwarf elephant, the African buffalo, the spirit cat, and more than 300 birds and more than 500 butterflies. To protect the rainforest and make it easy for visitors, the park built a 131-foot-high canopy passage in the mid-1990s. The rickety air path hanging from the rainforest connects the tops of the canopies of trees, which are 40 meters from the ground and are composed of seven suspension bridges, 330 meters in length. The greatest feeling standing on the top is trembling and, if you look down, a little bit scary. The feeling after smoothly passing 330 meters canopy passage is excited, very exciting, want to try again the impulse. Kakum National Park - Kakum National Park must go: Ghana's most exciting national park attractions are in the continent: African [Africa] attraction countries/regions: Ghana [Ghana] attractions are in the provinces, states: Central region [Central Region]
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
卧龙大侠The most attractive of the 17th century's forts, the Cape Coast Castle, built by Europe's great powers on Ghana's Atlantic coast, was expanded and used for foreign trade after it was built in 1637. It was the seat of the British colonial government from 1664 until two centuries later, in 1877, when the government moved from the city. Now Cape Coast Castle has become a world heritage site, a museum showing the history of Ghana. It's like a window through which you can see Ghana's past.
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东山路人Beautiful place,worth to visit