Queenstown Lakes District
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Things To Do in Glenorchy

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紫气东来YesGrenochie is just an hour away from Queenstown, staying in Queenstown, and a must do when you choose the surroundings. Driving along the charming Vacatiphu Lake, this place not only can experience the quiet, limpid, to the town to experience the movie experience, but also can see the snow mountains, snow peaks in the distance. Take a 30-minute walk to an hour on the Greenozzi Trail, not only for leisure and exercise, but also for viewing the lakes and mountains, wild swans and autumn colours. It is also called "Paradise", but it is a wonderland on earth.
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juki235The Paradise Town of Glenorchy is a quiet town on the shore of Lake Wanaka. The houses here are all wooden structures. There are no tall buildings. There is a large lawn between the houses and they are very open and very quiet. The air here is very refreshing, and it makes people feel very relaxed and comfortable. It is definitely a warm town without any competition in the world. It is worthy of the beautiful name of Paradise Town.
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pxy0705The Routeburn Trail in Queenstown is a mountain trail that is very worth walking. It is entirely paved with planks or stone slats and will cross forests, swamps or rivers. The scenery along the way is very beautiful, and the air is fresh, it is definitely worth visiting.
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Boat Tour
_We***69bbq is really delicious. dessert is absolutely delicious. If you can have dinner, there is seafood, the alpaca is really cute. I don't know the lamb, sean, the same sheep, and I don't know if it's a donkey or a horse 🐎
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juki235The Glenorchy Trail is a very famous walking route in Queenstown. He walked down the Glenorchy River all the way, not only could enjoy the beautiful lake view, but also many precious plants. And the picturesque scenery, really makes people feel very happy.
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pxy0705The Dart River is a very good river in Glenorchy and also suitable for rafting. The water of this river is very deep, sometimes turbulent, sometimes very gentle. Moreover, the river is very clear and blue, and the surrounding scenery is exceptionally magnificent. It is an excellent place for drifting.