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Things To Do in Gothenburg

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小思文The Volvo Automobile Museum is also a full-scale car-type venue, the Automobile Museum holds many different vehicles, all of Volvo's old models, many valuable vehicles are also a century of history, well preserved.
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小思文The town hall square is also quite big, in the center of the town hall in Gothenburg, the middle of the square is a sculpture, the specific character introduction is not very well understood, the surrounding shops can buy some local specialty goods, is a very good experience.
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Amusement Park
小思文Riserben amusement park is also very interesting, the amusement park is in the city of Gothenburg, large playground, the weekend is very busy, individual items need to queue, but the overall play is very smooth, basically all can play, large amusement park is not much.
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小思文Gothenburg Opera House is also a very solemn music venue, the design of the opera house is very unique, is Sweden's classical style, the building can see many interesting decorations, opera house opera is also a European classic team, many different performances.
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小鱼儿2015There are a lot of yachts and ships going to the sea at the Bormen Pier in Gothenburg. There are also many landmarks of the city around the pier. You can also play around the pier and feel the Swedes’ lifestyle.
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Art Museum
_We***02The museum is free if you buy the museum card, valid for one year for 3 museums. It has a wide selection of nordic art and paintings. The shop inside merits also a visit