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Things To Do in Guangning

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288***90Guangning Bamboo Sea Grand View Scenic Area is located in Guangning County, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. The scenic area covers 8.13 square kilometers, and the dense bamboo forest constantly conveys a large amount of pure oxygen from Lanzi, which is one of the largest oxygen bars in South China.
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D32***57Just great. Thrilling parts, followed by calm cobbling water was a great mix. Fairly long ride down, definitely worth the trip.
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滇国剑客The scenery of Baoding Mountain Scenic Area is extremely beautiful, with beautiful mountains and green waters, where you can breathe fresh air freely. This is another harvest of tourism. No wonder there will be a large group of people who like to travel here.
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小猪罗比Enjoy the reputation of "Guangdong Jiuzhaigou", is known as the most characteristic eco-tourism resort in the province. The scenic area is famous for its unique natural landscape and elegant ecological environment, but the scenic area is full of forest, waterfalls, and marvels. Collect leisure vacation, sightseeing, rural experience, rural flavor in one.
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City Park
_JL***71Although the park is not large, it is well positioned as a sports park. It is also a patriotic education base. There are basketball courts, badminton courts, and table tennis courts. It meets all the needs of sports enthusiasts. There is also a small grass field where you can play football.
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王小柱是真疯了See the water Dinghu Mountain the second time to Dinghu Mountain, the first is late spring, the second is early autumn, the season changes, the constant is the scenery. Seeing the water, is the important theme of the trip to Dinghu Mountain. Whether it is the Ding Lake at the top of the mountain, or from the mountain springs, or the mountain springs flowing through Mr. Zhongshan swimming in the Bitan, Ding Lake Mountain water is always more reiki than other places. This reiki, also make the Ding Lake Mountain in the south foot more rich in the western mountains. Very comfortable. Connecting to the seven stars in Zhaoqing City, it is very suitable for weekend leisure tour. Highlights: Dinghu, Qingyun Temple, Zhongshan Swimming place at the top of the mountain takes time: 4 hours to one day: The porridge meal of Qingyun Temple is good, various tofu, mushrooms are done very well: there are some hotels under the mountain. However, I highly recommend a small hotel in the mountain. It takes 10 minutes to walk into the gate and on the right hand side. The small white building is in the forest, surrounded by mountains, and more intimate with nature. Contact the Shanli Hotel in advance. The in-house guests can enter the park without tickets after 6 pm, sleep for one night, and visit Dinghu Mountain the next day. Traffic: I am driving by myself. I have been driving from Guangzhou for one and a half hours. There is a large parking lot at the foot of the mountain. It is managed and very standardized. Another advantage of self-driving is to visit Dinghu Mountain, and then go to the city seven star rock is very convenient.