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Things To Do in Guyuanxian

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小小绿带爆米花The lightning lake on the dam is still very worthwhile to experience. There is no mistake about riding and swimming. There is a team to roast the whole sheep again and drink some horse milk. Eating, drinking and having fun, I like to ride a horse.
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pekingwangSwan Lake is located in Guyuan and Duolun, the entrance fee is 40 adults. It is about 7 kilometers north of Guyuan County. It is suitable for walking here. The park is currently under construction, and it is expected that the boardwalk will allow visitors to walk around the lake.
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我不是李亚鹏Laozhanggou is located in Guyuan County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. It is 200 kilometers southeast of Beijing. It has overlapping mountains and valleys. There is a small stream in the center. There are a lot of springs beside the stream. North China Summer Green Forest Transition Zone. Laozhanggou crossing is very famous and attracts many self-driving tourists every year.
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138***86The grass on Fengning Dam is green. Flowers 🌸🌸 have also been opened. In the wetland park area of the Dahan Palace, there are not only thrills and entertainment but also deep culture in the palace area. Learning to learn [price/performance] Overall, it is still good.
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乐乐嘻嘻哈哈The Lightning River is the upper reaches of the Luan River. It originates from the northern foothills of the Tugur Mountain in Cuba Yantun at the junction of Guyuan and Fengning counties in Hebei Province, and enters the territory of Inner Mongolia at the south highway bridge of Heichengzi Ranch in Zhenglan Banner to the north. Continue to flow north to West Village, Dundahot Town, Zhenglan Banner, turn to the northeast, flow through Shuangshan Reservoir, enter Duolun territory, turn to the southeast where Baichengzi and Heifeng River converge. The confluence is hereinafter referred to as Luan River, at the lower reaches of Xishan Bay It flows into Fengning County, Hebei Province again near Waigoumen, passing by the Great Wall from Xifengkou, rushing straight down, into the Bohai Sea, with a flow of 877 kilometers.
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卡利亚诺李春Guyuan Great Wall Manor Located on the southern edge of the Xilin Gol National Grassland Nature Reserve, 65 kilometers away from Guyuan County, Hebei Province, is inlaid with a prairie pearl that cost 18 million yuan and carefully built-Hebei Guyuan Saiwai Manor

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Caifeng ManorZhangjiakou,China

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Lightning LakeZhangjiakou,China

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Swan Lake ResortZhangjiakou,China

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Shandianhe Scenic GardenZhangjiakou,China

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The Manor Beyond The Great WallZhangjiakou,China

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Guyuanxian Travel Tips

About Guyuanxian

Guyuan County was first inhabited roughly 6000 years ago during the Neolithic Age. It is under the administration of Zhangjiakou City, and is located in the north of Hebei Province, in the upper reaches of the Shandian River, neighboring the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The local area teems with famous agricultural specialties such as hulless oat grass, the citron daylily, and potatoes. Famous scenic spots include ancient tombs of Yuan Dynasty rulers, Shuzhuanglou, and the Wuhua Meadows.

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