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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
貓貓達A Buddhist temple, a thousand-year-old monument, located in the southern suburb of Qingzhou, hidden in the mountains, its stone-stone structure, beautiful and beautiful, and very large, every red leaf season, the quaint architecture and red leaves against each other, is the ideal place for photography lovers.
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Historical Site
Achilles_2014South Korea’s oldest history book "Three Kingdoms" (AD1145 creation) records that King Munmu of Silla (BC57-AD935) (AD661-681 reigned) 14 years (AD674) ordered to dig a lotus pond in Miyagi to make a hill , Plant flowers and plants, and feed rare animals. Wild Goose Pond is the lotus pond dug out at that time. It is located in the northeast outside of Wolseong (a Silla-era city built in AD 101). According to the findings of the excavation in 1974, the current wild goose pond is nearly circular and was rebuilt along the revetment stone. Wild Goose Pond is the most magnificent place in the palace of the Silla era, and also has the most gorgeous lotus pond. The Goose Pond has a spherical shape of more than 200 meters from east to west and 200 meters from north to south, with a total area of more than 5000 square meters.
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Historical Site
无敌幸运星啦In the evening, you can visit Cheomseongdae, Cheomseongdae, Donggung and Wolchi, and Dalingyuan. You can go to Dalingyuan in the afternoon, Donggung and Wolchi in the evening, and see Zhanxing in the evening. Taiwan, but if you arrive too late, there may be no explanation, so I can only enjoy it. When I went there, many people were taking pictures. Later, I heard a Chinese commentary about this part in Dalingyuan. There are 27 floors in Cheomsingdae. Counting from below, the 12 floors from bottom to top represent 12 months, and then The top 12 floors, a total of 24 floors, represent 24 solar terms. 25 and 26 also have meanings, but I don’t remember clearly. 27 represents Queen Seondeok because Cheomseongdae was built during the reign of Queen Seondeok. , Queen Seondeok is also the 27th monarch of Silla, so it means this. However, these are not clearly recorded, they are only speculations by posterity, so it feels that posterity is more magical.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
无敌幸运星啦Now that I have arrived at Bulguk Temple, as long as the time is not so tight, I should come to Seokguram. The half-hour winding mountain road is also a rare experience. but! Although the significance of Seokguram is very important and the statues of Buddha are very beautiful, it can’t be seen clearly, because the entire grotto is already enclosed in a glass “showcase”...There are only two bodhisattvas in a circle on the four walls, the most beautiful. The eleven-faced Guanyin statue is completely blocked by the main Buddha statue, so when you go to the Gyeongju Museum, let's take a closer look at the rubbings in the Buddhist Museum.
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西等记忆A must-visit place to learn about the history of Gyeongju. If you like the history of Gyeongju and the Silla Dynasty and have enough time to travel, it is recommended to visit the National Gyeongju Museum before visiting other scenic spots. There is a general understanding of the history of. Visiting the museum is free, but you need to pick up the ticket at the window of the gate. The museum mainly introduces the process of the Silla dynasty from its founding to its prosperity and then to its decline, including politics, economy, military, religion, and the production and life of the people during the Silla era. Needless to say, the cultural relics displayed in the museum are outside the museum. There are various inscriptions, Buddha statues, Buddha pagoda, and Sanskrit bells, which are just the remains of the Buddhist stone carving art of the Tang Dynasty. When I went there, I only had more than 40 minutes to visit, so I could not savor it. The location of the museum is just south of Banyuecheng ruins, diagonally across from the Wild Goose Pond.
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无敌幸运星啦It’s not the same as imagined, the evaluation is quite good, but after going there, it feels good. It’s a little bit worse than imagined, but it’s good to get a feel for it. There will be a Chinese explanation here. Go to the case in time. Just ask in the hut. What we saw was only about one-third, and heard from the people in the village that it would take 3 days to walk around. The sister who will follow the explanation will look at the four houses that have been preserved since then. The others were burned down during the war. Although there were not many cars to go there, the glass in the house was in the case. The time is posted on it. If you are leaving from Yangdong Village to other places, you can wait 10 to 20 minutes before the station. Although there is a gap, it will only take a few minutes, which is not so inconvenient. Encountered a Taiwanese on the road. She said that they went to the small pavilion in the case near the train station and told them to go to Liangdong Village, and the sister carefully posted the time for them.

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