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Things To Do in Hanapepe

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东张西望望东西It’s a very interesting place. The tourists here come from all over the world. The scenery is quite good. The scenery along the way is also very refreshing. It is a more leisurely and pleasant place, not too many tourists.
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泰宁根吴承恩During this trip to Hawaii, I stayed in hotels on Kauai. There are not many people on Kauai. The scenery is particularly good on a small island. The most important thing on the island is the resort type, and the beach is also very good. An island with very good facilities
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泰宁根吴承恩There are very few people in the Yanchi Beach Park. It is very convenient to drive by car. It is almost us who booked the venue. The scenery is very beautiful. Occasionally, when there are other tourists, everyone will quietly bask in the sun or watch the sea.
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Observation Deck
泰宁根吴承恩We chartered a self-driving car on the Dubopu Road. It is a very nice place with mountains on one side and the sea on the other. The air is good and the visibility is high. There are mountains and waters. The viewing platform is relatively high. The viewing angle is also Very open
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Botanical Garden
齐步走123There is a coffee plantation in Hawaii, and I didn’t know until I actually arrived here. The coffee plantation is very large. It’s very fun to see the coffee planting and roasting process for the first time. Although I don’t usually drink coffee much, it’s a very interesting experience.
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Geological Sites
齐步走123Looking at Waimea Canyon from a height, it's really beautiful. The different colors of the canyon make up a particularly beautiful view. If you are tired of watching ocean views in Hawaii, coming to Waimea is a good choice